The Sabbatical is Over

It was a great rest but I’m itching to blog again.

Facebook has burned me out. I get a rush from Twitter, but the blog has sustained my social urges for over a decade. 

Let light this back up again. 

December Calls

October has been a Happening


My least favorite month. Bad things happen in September. 


August is to summer what February is to winter. Extreme weather, hopelessness, and anticipation of the next season. 

We got about three weeks of un bearable heat and humidity.  The only break was a camping trip in the mountains of Virginia. 

By the time the heat broke it was time for football. Come thou long expected football. 

At the other end is St. Croix come wildcard weekend. 

July is for Grilling

Porkchops with white summer corn. 

Wings cooked with a Vortex. Best ever on a grill. This is the standard for grilled wings. 

Dinner in a pouch. Perfection. 

My old standby, Carolina hot dogs. 

Rtic Basket

Finally....a side basket. Can't think of another damn thing to add to this cooler. 

Rtic Wheels

Man this is a well made set of wheels made by a guy on EBay called cooler*innovations. It fits and functions perfectly. A great Rtic Cooler hack. 

An easy install and easy to move. 

Rtic Seat Cushion Installed

Per usual I looked for a YouTube how video to and it was easy. 

Rtic Cooler Seat Cushion

Are you kidding me? Hell yes I ordered one. Regular $73, now $40 delivered with snap on hardware.

Now my cooler locks the lid, locks to a secure surface via chain, rolls anywhere with one person, and has all the hacks that make it more efficient and useable.  Plus I can sit on it in comfort. Is this a great country or what? 

I'm still not paying $25 for the Yeti Cupholder. 

Rtic Cooler Hack II

It's not my invention, but it is very clever. A fellow that goes by*innovations has invented and sells these add on minimal wheels that make a heavy and clumsy Rtic Cooler easily mobile for one person. I have ordered one. $110 shipped. 

As you can see, the small cleats set into the foot hollows. It is further secured with a tie down strap. 

Once installed it allows the cooler to sit flat. 

Simply grab the handle at the opposite end to moved the cooler. 

My set should be in mid July, 2017. 

Rtic Cooler Hacks and Accessories

I hate a thief. This cooler cost me $199 and it is a clone of the $400 Yeti. The white metal bracket off of Ebay at $8 makes it possible to add a padlock. This cooler will be locked to a chain when not in storage. The contents can be padlocked at either end of the cooler. 

I added a bottle opener at each end for my fancy boy friends who insist on craft and imported beers. 

The biggest complaint of this cooler has been the latches do not stay in place like the Yeti. Cry me a river. I installed 4 .25 cents washers and it's now just like the Yeti. 

The weakest link in the insulation is the drain plug. Not any more. $1.09 and a #4 rubber stopper provided an additional layer of leak protection and insulation by providing a gap between the inside and outside drain. 

I decided to go ahead and buy the divider, $14, and the top basket $9 (in route) to give me options when camping and smaller tailgates. 

Now I'm set until I can figure out how to install a quality cup holder. Yeti wants $25 for one cup holder! 

June Got Away From Me

Warm days.
Wheat harvest from winter.
Annual hot dog chili making.
Back in the water diving.
Always grilling.
My birthday month. 
The potato harvest. 

Colorful Bounty

It is comforting to have so many options for soups, stews, and chili. Plus the colors were too beautiful to pass up a photo. 

White Trash Revealed

Guy that can't afford to pay ⅓ of his fathers budget funeral can vacation in Greece. 


Saturday Night Fights

It was a quaint venue in Noda. Good seats and cold beer. Great fights too. 

All in One Night, Damn

A state dinner with the President of China.

A missile attack after supper. 

Report to the people.