I needed to utilize this space.

I added a shelf.

Preparation for Easter

Big Doings

Remember when I busted my ass on these stairs? Remember Phfrankie ragging me about handrails? Well....I got the handrails. I'll stain them this weekend.

This is a new weber smoker that I got from a friend for about half price with all the modifications.

This is one sweet cooker that I got for a friend named Rasta Claws. He is very excited. It is about 25% bigger than mine. It is big enough to put a monkey in space.

Blue Crabs

Nothing says east coast mid Atlantic like blue crabs.

Aren't they beautiful?


I don't get the obsession with shaving. Lifehacker always has articles about shaving and I think, big deal.

I don't get the obsession with garage doors. My local AM talk radio station airs commercials for sales and service of garage doors like garage doors are fashion statements.

I don't get the obsession over organic lettuce. It barely has a taste. It is mostly water, organic? Really?

Spring Chicks

They are here. When they begin laying, I'll know football is here.

Bates loves peepers.


I was out doors for the past four days. Between watching golf, I was planting flowers, trimming shrubs, cooking on the grill, and dipping beer.

I decided a small side bar would be useful in the screen room to provide more shelf space. So I made some shelves and stained them.

The mower is fixed so this grass will be cut.


Garden things. I made a warm weather spigot to bring water closer. I'll mount it on a post today.

More flowers and plants today. Then the final round of The Masters.


I get it. The finesse, the history, the honor, the old country heritage, the rules, and protocol. From my iPad and TV I am watching countless hours of The Masters like I did with my father as a child.

And oh yeah, it is so southern like the Kentucky derby.

Getting Serious

This season we will invoke the Great Spirit with a Tonto headdress. The pickled eggs are powerful yes, but the new receivers will need help.

Stay tuned.

If Given A Choice

And I have a choice.....I prefer the cheapest grocery store boiled ham for my sandwich over fancy deli sliced ham.

Slap some American cheese and mayo on white bread and this become top shelf hobo dining.

365 Days

One year ago today I heard and felt a pop in my low back while rushing off to The Masters. 20 days later I had a micro discectomy. What a difference a year makes. I wasn't too thrilled to suddenly be using a cane and riding the shopping cart in Lowe's and Walmart. Now I'm close to normal but very cautious. Thankful.

When I Was A Child

They said our air would become unbreathable. It is clean.

They said our rivers and lakes would die from pollution. They are clean.

They said in 1974 (geology 101 Appalachian State) that we would run out of Natural gas. We have so much natural gas that the prices have collapsed from over supply. Same class said California would be an island by now and it is not.

In 1962 My Weekly Reader said we would be able to have video phones and we do.

We were told that drinking water would be scarce and it flows in pipes and bottles. Clean!

Frank Bormann of Eastern Airlines and Apollo 8 fame warned in the 1980s that deregulation of the airlines would lead to a few carriers and the few would raise rates to border unaffordable and they have done so.....thank you Jimi Cawduh.

In all my years of life on this earth, I have eaten only two pizzas that were not good. One was at The White Horse in 1980. One was a month ago at Zoe's. And I have met but one human in this entire planet who finds all pizza abhorrent. I pray for his eternal and damned soul. How can a man not love pizza? How?

Micky Rooney

It was about time. I thought he was already dead.


I love things that age well. Wine, my wife, beef, Worcestershire sauce, and homemade preserves.

We made these blackberry preserves ten years ago and I swear they have aged like fine wine. The flavor is rich and smooth with a big bold jammy flavor.

I even age Smuckers orange marmalade for a few years until it starts to turn dark. Give it a try. Toss aside a few bottles of Lea and Perrin while you are at it.

The Glory

Baby back ribs rubbed in maple dry rub.

Smoked 3 house in apple wood.

Steamed 3 hours in apple juice.

Cooked 20 minutes on the grill with sweet BBQ sauce.

Fall off the bone perfection.

I cracked the code.

My Friday


After. All shiny but the paint is thin. Primer is showing on the hood in one spot.

Then...a fancy pants supper at Flemings.

Good beef, lobster, and wine. I don't deserve this.

My Home

This is where I lived until I was 5. My dad had that screen porch built about 1961.

My mom and I would play, Go Fish on the front porch in the glider. My girlfriend Susie lived next door.

It snowed big every winter there.

Mom would fry bacon on the stove and I would watch next to the stove on the washing machine. The grease would pop on my thighs and burn but I couldn't resist the sight and smell so I stuck around.

There was one air conditioner in the dining room/TV room and that was swell in the hot summers.

Christmas was like it should have been for a child. I remember vividly.

What a happy memory.


Done filled up a 32.