Here's the Deal

I headed out to work this morning and a big old bull squirrel is standing at the apex of my man room, mission control, the football situation room. In squirrel talk he's screaming, "Panthers are a Lock!"

So I take it under advisement. Then as I pulled into my parking lot...bam! A big cat skin is draped over the bush. Another revelation.

Bet the house my the house.

The Great Sleep

Today marks 38 years since the great sleep where I stayed in bed completely well, yet slept for three days.

You see, I ditched college in my second year to explore the world. I joined a ragtag group of guys and we built railroad tracks. We traveled the southeast and built small tracks called spurs.

The work was difficult. Every day I ached. We worked from sun up to sundown and everything was heavy. Just the tools were 45 pounds each.

After about six weeks on the job it became Labor Day and I was as Far East in NC as you can get, Plymouth, NC, home of Catfish Hunter.

After six weeks I was exhausted. I had a room in a cheap motel with a black and white TV and AC.

All of Saturday I slept. Saturday night I went to the bathroom and ate a bag of burgers. I woke Sunday to eat mid morning. I woke Monday to watch a little Jerry Lewis Telethon and napped all day and slept all Monday night.

I woke on Tuesday refreshed and very hungry.


Saturday I did what I love. I watched college football and cooked. Oh, and had copious amounts of beer.

After a 20 hour salt pack with sugar and pepper.

Then a three hour smoke at 160 degrees.

The yield was delicious smoked salmon.

The meat was incorporated in cream cheese, sour cream, dill, horse radish, salt, pepper, and a generous splash of lemon juice and Worcestershire.

Live Bullets

Tonight is opening night for college football. Last night didn't count.

The last of the NFL preseason, college football regular season, two TVs, two iPads, cold beer, and a grill within smelling distance.

It's all for real now. The wait is over.

My Commute to Work

New kicks, my sidearm, a mid morning snack, new boots for my scuba tank, and my man purse.

Retirement Announced

Mental Vacations only editor, Haley Hunnicutt, announced her retirement effective December, 1, 2014.

She plans to spend her retirement sunning on the back deck, with occasional trips to the NC coast.

Sports Injury

A nagging pinky toe from last Sundays tailgate got me to the training room this week. A nice hour of rehab got me on the way to healing. I'll be ready for the first game.

Week in Review


Sweet girl.

Another sweet girl.

Heavenly meat.

A lot of stress in between. Now I'm off.

ALS Videos

You see them everywhere, the ALS videos. We had two recorded at our tailgate. Kind of a public baptism of support really.

What I find creepy is how Facebook videos begin playing videos silently. When I watch silently I can tell everyone is a bit nervous and there is a scripted agenda. It reminds me of the beheading videos of the Iraq War.

I have been called out btw.

The Bad Part of Tailgating is Cleanup


In full dress for game day. Details to follow after I take Tylenol and wake up.


Tis the season for Copperheads, Fa la la la la, la la la la.


Last year, and again this year I'm having nervous butterflies about the first tailgate. Perhaps as last year, it's because I'm still in recovery mode. I plan to be slow and careful moving about to save energy and to prevent injury.

This year because so much equipment is new and different, I plan to spend several days packing and tweaking for quite possibly our largest tailgate event ever.

Paul, Sebastian, and I have been bantering back and forth menu planning. It's all planned.

Equipment is inventoried. Pans need re washing from sitting all winter and summer.

Shopping on Saturday and the pacing and prepping.

This is going fun.

I Hate This Kind of Crap

M is not the basement, and one is not the lobby. Two is the lobby. Idiots.

If Given Enough Pillows

I will use them. That my pillow nest on the right.

Massive Party

The time is soon.