My Grandfather

My mothers father. Born in 1898. He was a kind soul and cool dude.

In 1972 I was headed to Florida in my Oldsmobile Cutlass. The day before the water pump went out. It cost $85 or some ungodly amount that I couldn't deal with.

Papa discretely slipped me two C notes with the instructions, "Do not tell your mother".

He made that trip and memory happen.

He was the definition of a gentleman.

Fun in the Parking Lot

That's what I do.

The mobile bar continues to be a gathering place.


I am a long range planner. Part of my vacation enjoyment is the attention to detail. This brings me pleasure.

This trait I discovered has backfired this year. In my mind I have budgeted in another back surgery this summer and I find my subconscious planning around the now annual event. Two summers in a row recovering from back surgery has become the norm.

I am taking better care this time because I don't want three years in a row.

Meat the Meatball Slider


The Big Day

Orion will fly today on its test flight maiden voyage. Announced in 2005 as a replacement to the shuttle, the capsule will be boxed up after today's flight to be flown again whenever a suitable rocket is built in 2018.

2018-2005=13 years. This is embarrassing.

By then it will be 20 years behind in technology. But it will meet government standards.

My guess, by the time this thing gets to Mars, it will be equivalent to a 1965 VW Beetle, and I will be long dead.

Enjoy the ride.

UPDATE: It was a dud.

This Guy is Brilliant

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Joe Biden is Right

Nothing says you are dead serious like a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot. It makes me feel so protected.

In other news....take a look at this comet/booger the Europeans spent millions of euros on just to get there and take this picture.

My guess is the whole lot of them look the same. A wasteland like the moon and Mars.

Tomorrow nasa launches a manned space craft that has no passengers to see if it functions properly. The primary goal is to see how the heat shield works.

If if passes then the U.S. Will have three different capsules capable of manned flight along with Boeing and SpaceX. Of course no one is approved to launch, that'll take a few more years....for what? I don't know.

What Might Be

I got a text from a friend announcing that he was offered a 275 gallon fuel oil tank free for the taking. No explanation was needed. My mind began to rush.

Could it be done? I know a welder, I can get a trailer.

Imagine using real smoke wood, cooking racks of ribs, a whole hog, beef briskets, chickens, pork shoulders.

And you know it would be tricked out, a thing of beauty.

I'm up for the challenge.

It's Garlic Planting Season

Yep....Been told a chimp can do it.


Today I rented the side blower walk behind. It was a new and much lighter version of the blower I have rented for years.

This new one has an air nozzle that can be pointed on the fly as I blow leaves giving me the ability to control the wall of leaves as I go.

I always wait until after Thanks giving to bring out the big guns. Once I assault the masses then I'll finish with the back mounted blower.

Been Enjoying the Pet Squirrel

She follows me most everywhere.

She eats what I give her.

She anticipates my moves.

She waits for me to finish a chore.

She get rewarded with horse grain which she loves.

I do worry about owls and Hawks.

My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving...four days off.

Food, football, and naps.

Friends, family....

I'm not cooking today but enjoy the challenge.

I Knew it Would a Happen

I dreamed I forgot a tailgate Sunday. Totally unprepared and I slept in too. It was 10 am and I'd not even thought about shopping yet and usually the food is on the table at 10.

It was a major panic.

On my Mind

I don't get why people get all joyful when someone publicly says they are gay. That emotion was never installed in me. Okay, call someone who gives a shit.

Again, no opinion, just no nerve endings here to give a shit either way. No dog in the fight.

I feel the same about gay marriage. No joy here any more than picking out peaches at the farmers market.

Sorry but enough of my time has been wasted on this.

There is nothing better than a human relationship, bonding, love, dedication and caring. Sex is great too. It spans the universe. Stop being so damn specific please.

Yellow Boys

Yes, yellow boys are set for another trip to the Caribbean. I figure yellow boys are close to logging 100,000 miles.

I found them in the camper the other day from my last dive trip in late May. They are my favorite swim trunks with perhaps a hundred dives logged.

The Last Gizzard

July 17, 2007. Prices Chicken Coop in the office. I need to go again.