Damn I Wish I was There



The Annual Scuba Shot



I like to get a good breakfast before a morning dive. Just a plan old regular breakfast, nothing fancy.

I've suffered breakfast frustration on this St Croix trip.

The Golden Rail moved and my new tryout restaurant Toast, well, their interpretation of grits was not really like any grits I have ever seen in 59 years of roaming the earth. $7 for a blob of grits too. That means I have about $10,000 worth of "Toast" grits back home in my cabinet. I'll have to adjust my net worth up a bit based on market prices of cooked grits. I'll give Toast another try next trip. Just not the grits.

And Angry Nate's, my goodness that was good but very expensive for a diner type breakfast I desire.

I did drive to the new Golden Rail and the breakfast was dead on at a reasonable price. It's just not on my way to anywhere.


Chillin on St Croix

A handy bar at the dive boat!
Waiting on a Night Dive


Breakfast and Boobs
Staying cool out of the sun.


Chickens everywhere.


The Passage

One thing on my bucket list was to do a passage, especially a night passage. For those who don't know, in the yacht cruising world, a trip between islands, or any travel of duration is called a passage.

The desire to be at sea on a small (42 foot) boat, out of touch with the world appealed to me. I longed to hear the creaking of the boat, the sea leg balancing act, and the freedom knowing I was in a place that no one else was seeing. It's like camping in the middle of the ocean.

One cannot willie nillie take off to the sea without preparation, planning, and weather watching.

My friend Ken faced a long passage of 30 plus hours traveling between Antigua and St Croix. Ken was on his way from Grenada to St Thomas to catch a plane to Boston to meet up with his wife, Vicki.

So I, along with our friend Steve joined Ken on the 32 hour voyage.


Connecting the Dots

Rarely does adventure present itself, especially at my age. Mostly my very active life is down to golf and scuba diving.

Since the back surgeries I've taken it easy. Not my chosen lifestyle, but necessary as I try to preserve joints, aches, and pains. Healing from some foolishness takes way too long.

The opportunity has presented itself for me and a couple of pals to make an open water passage of 105 miles from Antigua to St Croix. Two days sailing.

This has been a bucket list item that frankly, I doubted I'd ever do. But next week, if the stars align, I'll be making said trip.

There's a lot of last minute prep for me. I just can't up and walk off without making plans.



I first met Richad in 2003. He was a pan handler on St Croix and a regular fixture. He was also a friendly person and a notorious abuser of drugs.

Richard in 2008.

The last time I saw Richard was 2013. He was withdrawn, angry, and looked worse than ever. I assumed he was dead.

Richard 2016.

Flash forward a few years and it's obvious Richard has had some rehab, and dental work.

I wish him well.


This Isn't Like Me

At the store yesterday I was craving some Guinness. The kind in the tall can with the nitrogen injector that puts out the smoothest and best foam. So good. Tastes like a beer milk shake.

Along with that I picked up a six pack of local craft brew Copper. So good.

This after finishing a six pack of Anchor Steam last week.

The six pack of light beer sits.

Its That Time of Year

I love a great Anchor Steam beer. The pride of San Francisco. This craft beer was the Grand daddy of all craft beers. Sam Adams is a Johnny come lately along with a few thousand more. Winter is my favorite time for a full body beer.

This time of year I begin stalking the nonstop flight to St Croix. I hope to meet my pal Ken there as he stops by on his cruiser.


Happy 2016

The essence of me.



Wishing everyone a joyful year.


Phfrankie's Phfabulous Sun Dried Tomatoes

My dear friend Phfrankie Bondo shared some of his home grown creations last summer. One was a shallow mason jar of sun dried tomatoes in olive oil.

Now for a California fella this is normal fare. Being that I'm southern and all, sun dried tomatoes are a bit out of the norm.

I set the jar in the pantry and forgot about them. Until last night.

Good heavens they are good. Perfect in the salad.


St. Croix

Much later than usual, St. Croix is booked. First class airfare, fancy remote parking, my favorite villa.

A night dive is scheduled.

Five weeks and I'll be transferred back to greenery and spring like weather. Warm blue water, and night skies that rival a planetarium.

Sipping beers during the day and driving on the left hand side of the road. I've been going for 13 years. I hope many more.


This is an amazing picture of galaxies. Unthinkable time and space.

I've had two amazing dogs named Galaxy that both died before the age of six.

I love the word Galaxy, and the name for a happy, smart dog. But I'll never name another dog Galaxy.


These are not Hot Dogs

Bananas are not Hot Dogs


Carrots are not Hot Dogs


Things I Have Witnessed

I actually knew a person who was hit by a bus and died.

I actually knew someone who was a double murderer and was put to death by the state.

I saw a Saturn V rocket launch in person.

I once played with two lion cubs.

I saw a total eclipse of the sun. 100%.

I have been shot at and heard the bullets go by.

I know a wealthy man who gets someone to change his bed linens daily because he likes fresh sheets.



Old Family Photo

Circa 1925

My mother sitting on her fathers lap looking at her baby sister. Mom is now 91.


The Gym

Been doing weight training now twice a week for 10 months.

Today I did 10 X 3 presses at 90 pounds.

20 X 3 butterflies at 30 pounds

12 X 3 leg lifts at 60 pounds.

20 X 3 dips (my body weight)

10 X 3 biceps lifts 20 pounds each arm

10 X 3 over head lifts 30 pounds

8 X 3 inclined presses at 60 pounds

10 X 3 not sure what to call it at 30 pounds each arm

20 X 3 side lifts at 30 pounds

That was a workout. About 30 minutes non stop.