What I've Been Doing





That's about all.


iPhone and iPad

With my iPhone or iPad, I can reproduce the following functions on one device:

Mail, fax, telephone, radio, compass, world map, dictionary, encyclopedia, camera, camcorder, flashlight, Walkman, tv, newspaper, book, calculator, wallet, photo album, store catalog, word processor/typewriter, GPS, personal assistant, music library, general shopping, personal document archive, custom news ticker, social hub, library, film archive, calendar, clock, timer, alarm clock, banking portal, tape recorder, note pad, to do list, video phone, remote control, gaming device, internet browser, and a projector via AirPlay.

Nothing new, all services were available previously. Just not on one device. I am still amazed after ten years.


Dateline Charlotte, NC. - Handy HB2 transition tips. To the new "guys" visiting the men's room. Urine cakes are an acquired taste. You'll get used to them over time. At first, go easy on the lemon ones. Condom machines were originally meant for people with a penis. Imagine how old school that is. The party favor dispenser costs 50 cents each. And the strange low rider facility found in every mens room? That my friend is from the last time the federal government got involved in the men's toilet. If one is wheelchair bound and happens to have a penis, this device is somehow meant to convey urine from the chair to this low side bowl and out to be processed. No one has ever seen anyone use this urinal as intended. No instructions were ever given. It just appeared one day. Feel free to use it as you please.

Best Stink Eye

My dog Georgie has the best stink eye.



My Daily Ride

It's been one hell of a truck. My daily driver is a 2000 Ford F-350 with 347,500 miles.

I'm thinking about installing a new stereo system with Apple Car and back up camera.

It's still going strong.


This Week




Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining





At Some Point....

The novelty of sexual deviation wears thin. Okay, you are gay. Go about your life.

The LSMFT and H2O laws talk is nonstop.


2016 Masters Week

Number 12 where I sat for many days.

13 ain't bad either.

Good, cheap food.

I'll be watching all week on TV.


Good, Cheap Eating

I bought 8 chicken thighs in the marked down section at the grocery store. They came out to about .84 cents a thigh.

Rubbed some BBQ sauce under the skin, then salt and pepper.

I set the fire up indirect and cooked them 50 minutes rotating every 10 to 15 minutes for even cooking. Then added some apple wood for a light smoke flavor.

Oh my they were good. Crispy skin and very moist meat. Internal temp was 145.


Honor to the Crinkle Cut Fry

Nothing better to me than the crinkle cut fry. I like them slightly over cooked.

Perfection. Scoopable.

Periodic chart of French fries.


The Last Post for March 2016


My girl Georgie. An angel. Resting on her leather sofa.

It was a mild winter, a fast winter. Spring is upon us and the Masters.

Good times ahead.


I Want, But Don't Need


Isn't it beautiful? A price reduction of $50 makes it more desirable.


Yesterday, the Last Day of Winter