IPhone 6 Plus

See the pin point? That's my phone in Louisville, KY. Yep.

I finished painting the nursery yesterday for my bundle of joy.

Too Imperfect for Mic

Some stuff I'm anal about. I got tired of folks leaning on the bar and pushing the boards inwards. It looked sloppy.

I'll see how this do and if they work, solid brass. Told you I was anal.

My iPhone 6 Plus is Here for Now

Anyone with basic knowledge of iPhone tracking would recognize this as Anchorage Alaska's airport. My new phone is fresh in from Shanghai China, and is sitting on a cold, lonely pallet in Anchorage.

Meanwhile, I have been busy here preparing the nursery for the new arrival.

Happy Go Lucky

Some people misinterpret me. I am one that likes to be upbeat, have fun, be silly, and prefer subjects of discussion to be light hearted. There is enough negative and evil in the world to go around, and I prefer not to dwell upon it.

This comes off to some as me being an unrealistic goofball, and I am discounted. I have even been told that it is not normal to be happy all the time. And sometimes the bad wins and I go into a spell of depression that passes in time. But 90% of the time I am upbeat and I strive to stay there even if it is an unnatural place to the outside observer.

So it came as a welcomed compliment the other day when a friend called and asked if I would be willing to be a reference on their resume.

"I would be honored", I said, and meant it.

They could see through my outward persona and they knew me as I really am. They respected me professionally, socially, even though they were aware of my faults, they trusted that I would represent them fairly to a perspective employer.

In a small way it validated me in a world of negatives. At least I'm my mind.

My Backup Dive Boat on St Croix

A pot of gold awaits me.

I Love A Good Action Shot

That's me, number 59, head high in smoke doing the final batch of wings for the day. I'm loving this new grill.

Look at all the stuff I can pile on.

Isn't She Lovely?

When the end of the world comes and all the satellites are blown away, someone's going to be watching free tv.

I can pick up 21 over the air stations with this bad boy. When mounted on the roof and properly aimed, I'm seeking two more. Fox and CBS broadcast towers are a fir piece from me. This should dial them in.

The nice thing about these antennas is you either get a perfect HD signal or none at all. No more snowy pictures of yesteryear.

This antenna was on sale for $29. Regular price was $59.

279 and 284 on the compass should get me there.

Yesterday and Today

25 years ago hurricane Hugo began a two day visit on St Croix. It left the island looking like the surface of the moon. By the 21st Hugo visited my home in North Carolina.


Facebook Won’t Budge On Letting Drag Queens Keep Their Names

Stuff I Don't Care For

Drop down boxes for you state and country. United States is way down the list and Afghanistan is at the top. Really?

And NC is halfway down the state list.

I have a fix. List the countries by revenue generated. States....just figure it out where I live with my zip code. Everyone else does.

Obligatory picture follows:

Things that piss me off

The saying that the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.

Of course dumb ass.

The rich are going to continue to do the behavior that makes them prosper. Likewise, the poor will continue to perpetuate the behavior that makes them down trodden.

The saying is just babble of the poor to point out their victim status.

Stuff I Hate

Pop ups on web pages trying to sell shit that is about as subtle as relaxing on a Mexican resort and suddenly being disturbed by a kid begging for money, or someone hawking silver jewelry. Go away!

Second, web sites assuming they are doing me a favor rendering content in some special iPad format. Just give me the content in my browser like everyone else please.

Worst offender in both categories is The Bleacher Report.

Stuff I Love

Tooting my own horn.

Grilled wings. Oh and the smoked sausage.

Fresh homemade brunswick stew.

Fresh caught Alaskan salmon, caught by a friend.

Smoked salmon offered by same friend.

Just look! Corn bread, sausage balls and deviled eggs.

Things I Like

A fluted pilaster with a rosette.

Just lovely. My last office I insisted that the main entrance have this. I doubt anyone noticed but I did.

But then again I appreciate doilies.

It Was an Epic Tailgate

September opening day against the Lions.

The best tailgate game day. Win or lose, you will have fun.

Tailgate Time

This Is In My Future

I didn't know I needed a watch until Tim told me so.

Deck Stain

It was time to give the deck another coating of Cabot, Australian Timber Oil. I love the rich color. This is the same stuff the tailgate trailer is coated with.

It really repels water.

The only problem is it will be slick as a puppy's peter when we get ice. But, that's ice.

I Could Use This

Just wade out waist deep and float. Smile, look back on the beach. Feel the warm water engulf me.

Is This Cool or What

I have inspired others to extreme tailgate. I'm so proud.

This will be with us Sunday...beer tap too. That is extreme.