The tailgate clown noses properly presented for use. A cobalt blue silk lined display box is good for most social situations.

Me and Music

Sometimes dead silence is sweet music to me. Often it is. I don't need a constant play list. I don't do Pandora.

Yet I like music.

When I was in Nashville I enjoyed the many bands but got a headache from the percussion, and not being as drunk as the rest of the crowd, I was ready to leave.

I love a symphony but have only attended three in my life. I love chamber music and most classical but rarely seek it out.

Most music is good but country tends to annoy 40 country.

I Was There

Salute to Apollo 11 this day in 1969.

45 years ago. I was 13. It was incredible. It stands the test of time. A crowning achievement of a generation.

We are too stupid and disorganized as a government to ever pull it off again. Private corporations will get us there next time.

Wings for Lunch

Wing marinade

5 tablespoons soy sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons dry sherry
1 teaspoon prepared yellow mustard
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
Diced Ginger crystal

War Coverage

Nothing quite like a live war on TV. Thank you Hamas for providing human fodder to keep the troops on their toes. I hope you all die and get your reward promised by some old crazy dude many years ago.

I'm for any sovereign nation protecting its citizens. There are so few example of this left on earth.

Good Times

In another life I could do this. This place in in town center, which ain't saying much. The food is spot on American junk food.

It's at the towns crossroad so they catch traffic from all directions. They have a good reputation and stay busy.

I got a hotdog all the way, mustard, chili, onions and slaw. Oh, and crinkle cut fries. There is no fry superior to the crinkle sir.

My bride selected the onion rings and corn dog. All the food was at the top of their game.

If I owned it I would make it more of a social place like some of my hangouts in St Croix. I'd have breakfast sandwiches and great coffee. Keep lunch the same. I would make a large covered open air area for eating, pool, and corn hole games. And there would be a bar from 4 to 7. Enough to get a buzz but not become a hangout.

Then take outs for supper. Good stuff, a different limited menu daily. Close by 8 PM.

And I'd be closed from November 1st to March 31st.

Buns of Steel

At least that was Phfrankies observation on Facebook.

I took the day off today. I've been overdoing a bit and I needed rest. I went with Gigi to the hair dresser and got a pedi while I waited. I swear I dropped a shoe size.

Approaching St Croix Apogee

Within a few weeks, I will be equidistant from my last departure of the island, and my planned arrival to the island.

Once a year visits have been frustrating to me, but my health hasn't cooperated to allow more frequent visits. Darn back surgeries get in the way.

My standard mo on the island is wide open, and I haven't compromised yet. But I may one day just have to visit and relax. I hear people actually relax there, sit on the many beaches and read a book. This sounds great in theory.

So far, I haven't found a trace of relax in my DNA so I wait until I'm healed. I truly like more extreme activities like hiking and scuba, and St Croix feeds that need.

What draws me is the constant that tugs in my heart, a magical place, blue water, warmth, breezes, flowers everywhere, big grass covered mountains plunging into deep blue water.

What develops after a few visits are great friends, favorite places, favorite restaurants, activities, shopping spots, or just hanging in a unique shopping village next to the blue sea. There are more things to do than a week can possibly cover if you will just open your eyes and drink it all in.

And yes I said shopping. I wouldn't be caught dead recreationally shopping stateside, but on St Croix you find so many one of a kid retail spots to browse the day away. If I get bored I tell my wife I'll be on the water front. She'll find me on a bench, starring at boats, people, and sipping a cold beer.

Can't find me? She will look in one of the many dive shops.

When I feel cruel, I call a friend from the live web cam, beer in had, and chat away with aqua blue waters in the background.

And so now, I plan my visit. I will be there for Super Bowl Sunday and I like that.

You Make the Caption

From Our Readers


What to do with leftover claws? I swear the lobster were so big, so rich, that we could not eat them all.

A little this, that, some eggs, and lobster.

Outrageous good. Stellar. So much, so rich, I passed it to Gigi, she ate, then the dogs dined on lobster.

Vs Steelers

Advanced tailgate planning is taking place. Paul is buying a three burner griddle. We've never had a griddle and it opens opportunities.

Paul also is having a video professional to cover the tailgate vs Pittsburg. He is very good at public relations for his laundry business. Paul ends up on the local television news a few times a year.

Hopefully, with good editing we'll get a nice promotional video.

Sooner Rather Than Later

For scale, that is a split turkey, not a chicken. I'm soon going to fire up this giant weber. I need some practice.

My Thoughts Turn to Football

A friend said to me the other day that he couldn't believe my obsession with tailgating.

I thought about this and the natural conclusion is, I love NFL football, and I love to cook/grill/smoke. Tailgating is the outcome where my two loves culminate on a crisp fall morning.

Yep, I think a lot about those 9 to 10 events in the fall. I choreograph as much as possible preseason so the rest is more fun and predictable. This football for example is a needed prop. It needs a new bladder. So I shipped it off for repairs.

My secret lab is working on blue pickled eggs. The first two menus are planned.

YouTube Video

Oh I can't wait for the season.

Tools of my Trade

With the purchase of my 40 inch Weber, it becomes necessary to maintain space from the heat. Longer tools were needed.

Several years ago a friend gave me this grilling set but I haven't used it yet. This season I will use it.

Let the fun begin.

Slow Down WReggie

Everyone is telling me I must slow down. My family, my friends, and my body.

Honest? This is very difficult for me. It's not that I am some over achiever looking to make more and acquire more things, I just like doing stuff I like, and that is outdoor activities. Take those away and I'm not me.

Yet still, I must find a way to slow it down....reach a happy medium.

I'm finding this difficult.

Well, Damn

The infection lingers. This morning the wound was openly infected by any definition.

I called the doc, and after ten days we're switching antibiotics.

It Started in my Backyard

I told you so. Welcome hurricane Arthur.