A Realization

I awoke this morning and realized that radishes were no more part of my life. I love a radish, but at some point the crunchy veggie escaped my grocery list.

The radish never met the rock star status of other veggies like onions, garlic, celery, or green peppers. The radish stood on its own and was eaten raw. I salted mine.

So noble is the radish that it is served at fine restaurants like The Palm as a pre meal snack along with gherkin pickles.

When I used to have a vegetable garden, the radish was my only root vegetable.

Today, when I replenish my Gatorade stock, I promise dear root that you will come home with me.

Rock and Roll Week

"A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money". - attributed to Everette Dirksen.

Yeah....we had a drone

Big Deal

Hidden under all the shitty news this week was a giant crack in the TV game as we know it.

First, HBO announced that they will offer stand alone programming next year to anyone who wants it. You can soon drop cable or Direct TV and stream HBO.

Second, CBS did the same.

Third, Apple introduced new video technology that blows away high definition, and buries the already invented next generation 4 K. Apple has managed to cram an astounding number of pixels in a flat panel that renders video with incredible clarity. They are releasing this technology today on their new monitor.

The TV world will never be the same. Connect the dots.


Us folks that actually pay income taxes have a bad habit of filing an extension on April 15, we then toss the IRS some money, and deal with the reality on October 15.

October 15 passed and I am numb. It was the worst ever. I went from flush with cash to damn near insolvent.

At least I didn't have to borrow money to help those on the public dole.

Shit, that hurt. I could have paid cash for a one bedroom condo on St Croix.

And I don't feel the least bit warm and fuzzy, nor patriotic. I'm a sucker.

It's Goofy To Me

To see grown men with real jobs in a business setting wearing a hat backwards, pulled over their ears, and down to their eyebrows.

This hairy adolescent works at Tech Crunch and apparently shoots videos in the rafters of his attic.

This Would Be Fun

From my friend Jeff Williams. Former cruiser and dive buddy living on St Simons Island.

We Did Moms 90th on the Road

Egg Color Adjustment

Although not quite as apparent in this photo, the egg to the right is a darker brown in color than the egg on the left.

The color adjustment can be made by first locating the hens that need color enhancement. The brow dye can then be loaded at the dye nozzle center and above the cloaca.

On hens prior to 2006, the color adjustment screw can be found to the right of the cloaca. In 2007 the adjustment screw was moved to left of the cloaca to meet international standards.

Simply turn the color adjusting screw to the right to increase color tone. Your eggs will now turn out even tone.

Funny Things

A fat guy walking on gravel bare footed.

Sharing an old funny story with an old friends.

Hell, I still laugh at farts.

Any animal with a sense of humor.

The rhino scene on Ace Ventura...google it.

My dogs.....Georgie this morning in my truck. Look at that tongue.

It Was Loverly Day

Temperatures in the upper fifties and a clear blue sky.

Damn good burgers with what ever you want on them.

Slap on the cheese and we'd blow torch it for you.

We saved a spot for Sebastian.

Wash all down with a cold beer.

That's Racin'

A local NASCAR reference meaning boys will be boys, but that has nothing to do with me.

In the normal world, a human heart should have a textbook rate of 70 beats per minute. Mine has always run a bit rich at 80 beats per minute.

Likewise, a text book blood pressure is 120/80.

For years I, like my soon to be 90 year old independent living mother, have had hypertension issues that require drugs to control blood pressure to a near normal level.

About every 4 ½ years, the body decides to upset the apple cart and my blood pressure goes on the rise until a new cocktail of drugs is found. I mean I've been rocking 180/110 for quite a few weeks now.

Thursday, well Thursday my heart rate decided to join in and I was banging out a constant beat of 118 per minute.

It was all quite disturbing. I was at my desk and I felt like an out of control motor with a stuck accelerator. I hooked up a bp heart rate monitor from my desk and even I was shocked.

I called the doctor, got worked in within the hour, and was put on some well needed beta blockers. Within hours I had readings in normal range.

Readings continue to be normal, and no side effects of sluggishness like in the past. I guess my body was finally ready for this class of drug.

I now take beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and diuretics for blood pressure.

While I read later that my episode was not really dangerous, and not really indicative of any disease beyond hypertension, it was a startling admission that this 58 year old is getting older.

I guess I'll quit bitching about $2000 a month plus health care insurance costs.

The New Camera/Phone

I like the color, focus and the saturation of this camera.

Morning horse grain.

The last hurrah of summer flowers.

Good close ups too.

My office....as messy as ever.

Crinkle Cuts Rule

IPhone 6 Plus

See the pin point? That's my phone in Louisville, KY. Yep.

I finished painting the nursery yesterday for my bundle of joy.

Too Imperfect for Mic

Some stuff I'm anal about. I got tired of folks leaning on the bar and pushing the boards inwards. It looked sloppy.

I'll see how this do and if they work, solid brass. Told you I was anal.

My iPhone 6 Plus is Here for Now

Anyone with basic knowledge of iPhone tracking would recognize this as Anchorage Alaska's airport. My new phone is fresh in from Shanghai China, and is sitting on a cold, lonely pallet in Anchorage.

Meanwhile, I have been busy here preparing the nursery for the new arrival.

Happy Go Lucky

Some people misinterpret me. I am one that likes to be upbeat, have fun, be silly, and prefer subjects of discussion to be light hearted. There is enough negative and evil in the world to go around, and I prefer not to dwell upon it.

This comes off to some as me being an unrealistic goofball, and I am discounted. I have even been told that it is not normal to be happy all the time. And sometimes the bad wins and I go into a spell of depression that passes in time. But 90% of the time I am upbeat and I strive to stay there even if it is an unnatural place to the outside observer.

So it came as a welcomed compliment the other day when a friend called and asked if I would be willing to be a reference on their resume.

"I would be honored", I said, and meant it.

They could see through my outward persona and they knew me as I really am. They respected me professionally, socially, even though they were aware of my faults, they trusted that I would represent them fairly to a perspective employer.

In a small way it validated me in a world of negatives. At least I'm my mind.