Hello People's

All my blog stuff is still broken. I just twisting in the wind here. Can't post pictures.

I had a great dive last weekend and can't post pictures.

I had a fantastic hot dog yesterday and can't post pictures.

Imagine cool dive pictures and hot dogs if you will.

West Coast Swing

Soon come Golden State. 

Not Quite Prime Time

I spoke too soon on things getting the blog fixed so I'll blog the way my ancestors did....with a computer.

Friday I head to the NC coast for some diving on Saturday. This will be the first big boy NC diving that I done in over two years. 

They don't call the NC coast The Graveyard of the Atlantic for nothing. The currents are big, storms come out of nowhere, and sands and conditions shift unpredictably. 

We will go out 20 miles and dive two wrecks in about 90 of water. The first is The Hyde. It was a WWII era dredge equipped with guns that was sunk in 1988 for a ref project. 

The second was The Gill, torpedoed by the Germans in WWII. 

Both should be interesting.

I have been to The Hyde once before but never saw it. The visibility was zero so I just felt up the Hyde. 

Good Lord

Okay, so here is the deal. I have been perfectly willing and able to post my blog here, but my iPad software of choice crapped out on me back in March. No worries I thought, they'll fix it.

They did fix it and broke it worse.

Then I turned to my Mac and the entire computer was corrupt. 

Today I got my computer back and it is operational. So, I'm blogging old school for now on a computer.

For those who hung around, thanks. 


Happy April Fool

Well, I gave up waiting for a bug fix on my trusted until two weeks ago Blogpress app. So I'm updating the blog the old fashioned way.....with a computer. The picture below is just a test to see if it renders properly.
Off The Wall - St. Croix, VI

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