The time has come to say goodbye

To November.

Dive 125 & 126

I finally made it to Ginnie Springs yesterday with my nephew. It is one hell of a spring indeed. Water comes gushing out about 45 feet down in a cavern. The water is clear, cool and drinkable. The is a bared door keeping us from going any further.

From this gushing hole a sizable cavern has been carved. This is one of the entrances to the cavern. Outside the water pools and this spills over to the Santa Fe River.

Here I am in the cavern.

My 17 year old nephew at my side.

Location:Riverview Dr,Jekyll Island,United States

Just so You Know

In a dream last night, Led Zeppelin played the Lemon Song. For me. The grinding guitar, the crisp drum beats, and the unique voice. It was beyond words.

I was standing at the front of the stage in a surreal fog. There were others behind me but I could not see them.

What a treat.

The Turkey was Good!

A little rosemary inside and a garlic olive bath outside.

Then some plain old salt and pepper dusting on the skin.

I tied the wings, legs and turned that bird for 2 ½ hours with just a tad of hickory.

The bird rested for 40 minutes, then was cut and served.

Moist with flavor. The wings will be consumed today by yours truly.

American Thanksgiving

The only day where Americans stop, gather around a plentiful table, give thanks, and enjoy the company.

I do this every Sunday/Monday/Thursday home panthers game.

My Day In Pictures

Jekyll Island, GA

Rich or Poor

If I were a rich man, November 15th would be the time that I would bid farewell to the long latitudes and take up residence at around 17 degrees north on St Croix. There is a lot going on this time of year down on the island. Goodbye to bitter cold until my return in time for The Masters in April.

But I am not a rich man so let me fill you in on some poor man deals.

Quite by accident the other day I was craving protein. I pull into a McDonalds drive in and ordered a double hamburger. "That will be a $1.07"

What? Only a dollar?

They hand me a sizable little burger packed with two regular burgers and it hit the spot. For one frigging dollar. All that food!

Second deal, I'm in need of a winter jacket. So while in Walmart I find a damn nice warm winter jacket, with hood, for $29.00. My Tuesday bar tab is $29. $29 for all that warmth.

Next time, I see the card board sign, I know I can change a homeless persons day for $30.

Safe Passage

Through glaring highway lights, and old folks floaters, I managed to get the rig in at 6 hours.

We arrived at Jekyll Island about 7 PM and were escorted to the one open slot by the campground host.

This time of year the campground is packed with Canadian Snowbirds so I expected the only vacant site to be shitty, and I wasn't disappointed.

It was tight and there were many trees. 5 road weary border collies were nervously panting and I slowly and deliberately brought the trailer to a rest.

Tomorrow I'll make adjustments in the light of day.

I hooked up the external utilities while I could hear Gigi inside getting things set up.

We were tired and it was grouchy time for both of us. I was tired, hungry and was past due for that evening glass of wine.

After a while, all critical life support systems like cable, wifi, power and water were brought up to standards.

Leftover spaghetti and a glass of red wine was mighty fine.

Location:Riverview Dr,Jekyll Island,United States

Ginnie Springs

Today Gigi and I make our way to Jekyll Island for some R&R.

My trusty house sitter will take up where I leave off and watch the place and critters for us. Plus I have the controversial security cams around to look for myself.

Anyhoo, I'm taking the dive gear and hope to dive the natural aquifers of Florida on Friday. The water is crystal clear and is fresh. It has a constant temperature of 72 year round.

The aging, yet still functional yellow boys will make the trip.

I hope to hook up with Kenny briefly on Tuesday. I might just bring the yellow boys for him to see.

Lastly, our dog Carly left me some shit art this morning in the cold morning air.

She has the uncanny ability of making her turds stand on end.


You don't know this guy, but he was a high school pal. He is younger than me and he looks 80 years old.

Cancer has him and it isn't good news last I heard. I guess we shouldn't have smoked cigarettes in our youth. I stopped smoking very early when I felt it getting my breath.

We had good times together and lots of laughs. I last saw him at a Panthers game two years ago.

Good luck Jimmy.

Two Things at Once

I am preparing for a game tailgate one week out. Here I dug out the old fire pit on account its going to be cold next Sunday.

I checked on the wellbeing of the pickled eggs. They are safe and secure.

Meanwhile I am packing for an RV trip starting tomorrow.

I used my handy security cam for the photo above...yup...sure did.

PS- I have never verbalized yup. This is the first time I have ever written yup and I did it three times.

Also, the covered fire pit looks very similar the the landing capsule that I sent to Phfrankie's front yard prior to launch last year, but I assure you that this is a fire pit and not a space probe.

My Life

Home from work and it is feeding time.

I drove the truck to the barn laden with grain for the livestock. They give me eggs in return.

It is a joyful life I lead.

Security Cams

Costco has security cams on sale that operate on wifi. They are two for $165. I couldn't resist.

So I set one up at the parking area and entry to the rear of the house. It is dark and I can still see with the fancy technology.

Front porch, and she is dead on.

Earlier, while testing in daylight, I saw my black cat, Millie.

Cool beans I tell you.

A laugh

The Memories

I just cleaned out the Jeep and pickup truck along with the trailer. Now the dishes.

We Beat Bawstun

TV at the bar and food galore. The stadium was in sight.

We had a dozen loyal fans watching at the tailgate until midnight.


Surprisingly, I do not speak dutch.

If a bear pulled all his teeth, would he be a gummy bear?

Getting a salad at McDonalds is like going to a brothel for a hug,

What the Heck II

I've been waking at 4 AM. I woke up at 2:30 AM yesterday and just lay there and faked sleeping.

No real worries to speak of, so what is up brain?

A Sceen From One Of My Dreams

When I was younger I couldn't get through the day on so little sleep, but I am older now and old folks are supposed to get by on less sleep. Damn. I like sleeping.

My brain produces vivid dreams and I love the crap my mind presents nightly.

But I'm missing the last few hours of the show and I want that time back.

What the Heck?

New deck railing on the boardwalk.

Proof the Rose Bowl was in Durham, NC.

Gravy....enough said.

The Winner Is

Kenny. Should have known with his knowledge of football.

It will be hand delivered to you in Brunswick.


Okay sports fans.

Guess the score...not the winner of todays contest and win......

One can of SpaghettOs. Yes, authentic Italian cooking in a can.

My guess is 28 to 30.

Dive 124

Anytime I am exposed to an event that is out of the ordinary and very pleasant, it reveals to me a pleasant afterglow. Whether it is a vacation, sex, or in todays case, diving, I get pleasure in just thinking about it after the fact.

Today I dived number 124 for 50 minutes, in a dry suit, side mount, in cold water. This is my first dry suit dive since April when I dived with a busted disc and didn't know it at the time.

Dry diving adds several layers of complexity one doesn't experience in wetsuit diving. There are weight differences, I added 26 pounds to my rig and normally add only 12 pounds. There is an additional inflator hose, I already have a rats nest of hoses with one wrapped around my neck. There are more things to think about and monitor. All this is for the added thermal protection of being dry.

On the onset I had a leaking hose that I had to change out. Then at 65 feet I switched regulators and took in a bunch of water.

Part of dive training is tricking ones mind to "not panic" when something goes wrong. Something was wrong and I switched back to the original gas source. The faulty regulator was so close to my neck that I could not see what was wrong. My breathing increased from stress. I signaled my dive buddy to look and he indicated it looked fine. It wasn't though.

I was breathing a lot of air. I got my wits, trimmed out and though about what it could be.

I reasoned that the mouthpiece was crimped by the necklace around my neck, so I pulled the mouthpiece away from the necklace and that fixed my problem at 65 feet.

Now I needed to calm down and enjoy the weightlessness, the peacefulness, and I did. It ended up to be a nice dive and as always, a learning experience.

Ah, the afterglow.

An Epic Matchup

Carolina Panthers




San Francisco 49ers

Sunday 4PM Eastern and 1PM Pacific

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So I got me some fancy new seats for my Jeep Wrangler on account that my wife and I both have fragile backs now and I needed a more comfortable ride.

The new seats are swell except there is a defect on the drivers side.

The Utah based company is going to ship me a new seat.

I had the pleasure of a high definition, flawless FaceTime call with one Phfrankie Bondo while installing these seats.

It all works out sometimes.