2016 Well, Bye.

What a shitty year. Put a fork in it. Welcome 2017. 

Russian Hackers

The after election blame game. It's not longer a vast right wing conspiracy. 



Max getting his sleep on in his new bed. 

Most Moving Photos of 2016 Number Nine

I love the lines and simple setting. 

I Don't Much Care For...

Conch fritters. I'd rather eat a hush puppy.

Fried onion rings. I think I should like them but I don't. One day I may like them. 

Here's a big one. Ice cream. I can take it or leave it. 

Mac and cheese.....not really. 

Avocados, no. You can keep them. 

Most Moving Photos of 2016 - Number Ten

Bacon in all its glory.  

Weekend Comfort Food

Homemade Seafood bisque. Shrimp with crab.

This is our first attempt and it is fantastic.