I'm so Excited

It looks like I may get a new nephew or niece. 

I suspect however that because Mark is old, single, and she is young with a government job, that he will get free health insurance until Medicare kicks in. 

24 months times at least $1200 a month......good score Mark. Well played Mr. Podlin. Cash flow positive. Cha Ching! 

If only my FIL were alive to see this. He'd be proud. 

Mark Podlin Marriage 

2016 Well, Bye.

What a shitty year. Put a fork in it. Welcome 2017. 

Russian Hackers

The after election blame game. It's not longer a vast right wing conspiracy. 



Max getting his sleep on in his new bed. 

Most Moving Photos of 2016 Number Nine

I love the lines and simple setting. 

I Don't Much Care For...

Conch fritters. I'd rather eat a hush puppy.

Fried onion rings. I think I should like them but I don't. One day I may like them. 

Here's a big one. Ice cream. I can take it or leave it. 

Mac and cheese.....not really. 

Avocados, no. You can keep them. 

Most Moving Photos of 2016 - Number Ten

Bacon in all its glory.  

Weekend Comfort Food

Homemade Seafood bisque. Shrimp with crab.

This is our first attempt and it is fantastic.