Super Bowl

I'm sticking for the Broncos this year. I never pull for the AFC. But I'm pulling for the Broncos because:

Peyton Manning has a swell, reasonable, haircut.
Peyton Manning says, "Omaha" a lot and that is cool.
I hate the Seahawks.
Peyton is funny on commercials.
Peyton is nice to his sissy little brother Eli.
Peyton is old and he needs his second Super Bowl title.
I like it when I hear, "Omaha, Omaha" and it it makes me want a steak.
Prior to the snap, no quarterback is better shouting audibles than Peyton.
Peyton is a better quarterback than Andrew Luck.
Peyton did his quarterback rehab at Duke University in Durham. Durham is my home town.
Peyton endorses pizza and I have never met a pizza that I didn't like.
I don't know anyone else on the team except the coach, and we threw him away.
Seattle is famous for rain, coffee, and screaming. That is shitty.
The Panthers should have beaten Seattle but Williams fumbled a break away run at our house.
Seattle's star corner back is a loud mouth punk.

They Still Live

Yellow boys. Eleven years they have headed to the 17th parallel. They are most likely fifteen years old.

They are comfortable under a wet suit.

This Day in History

The Thriller in Midland, Tanner Boom Boom Hunnicutt prepares for the 15th and final decision round against Tantore the Great Dane. - 1971

Snow Tonight

My dad was a cool guy and great father. I love you man. You left us too soon.

This is my dog Dody and we are all in the snow. About 1970.

I remember the moment.

You will know I was here

Everything has been rebuilt, painted, and cleaned. My mark is long gone. Soon, you will know I was here.

This day in history

On this day in 1858, Alfred B. Mullett invented the mullett haircut for poor, under educated white people.

Mullett also laid the foundational theories that later led to the invention of olive loaf.

Payback is Hell

We are having a nasty winter here as are most of you except Phfrankie. To add to the pain, a steady wind is blowing.

I took the day to collect dive gear, change batteries, calibrate, and generally get it all together for the upcoming trip.

I had a meeting with a fellow tailgater on Friday and we talked shop about college and pro tailgating. I am getting stoked for next season and it is six months away. I had some old tailgate stuff shown below and it now has a new home.

This morning I ordered a few items for the bar/trailer that will debut next season.

So, the dark times continue. Stay warm....except Phfrankie.

More Reasons to Love St Croix

Cool chickens.

Nifty beaches.

It's for lovers.

Great diving.

Nice people.


Great operators.

Bright flowers.

Cool buildings.

Oh My

And they just started hearing whales.

Until whales.

Getting My Mind Right....wRite With Eye Candy

I love downtown Christiansted and the boardwalk.

The old buildings stand year after year, hurricane after hurricane.

Colors dance.

The best rum punch in town. No two are alike.

The colors dance and dance.

Add some blue water and a big puffy cloud.

All Done



I learned that leverage built the pyramids and not Jewish slaves as I had thought. I learned that I might as well fix it right while it is all torn up. I hate a crowbar. I'm tired of talking to chickens all day. I need a shower.


I staged the joint. Gotta have the right feel and tools.

Now I ain't a carpenter but I suspected rotten wood. I removed completely rotten wood and put in new treated wood.

Then I sistered new wood into any old wood that was good to lend support.

More blocking, all screwed in tight to good wood. The very bottom seal is an old treated 4x4 and it is still solid.

Then the exterior until my impact drill ran out of power and so did I.

Most of the water and termite damage seems to be on this end.

Three Weeks

This is a little private/public beach I like with a view.

Let's go diving. I get so excited here.

A fun place for a snack and a beer.

This is nice too. Good pizza here.

Or a walk in the jungle.

Good food by the sea.

And killer sunsets.

Three weeks. Expecting warmth, fun, and good times.

Head Maintenance

I woke up last night about 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. As a last resort I decided to take a hot shower to relax and hopefully foster sleep.

After a few minutes of steamy bliss I could help but notice the attention to my head. I shampooed, washed my face, rinsed, conditioned, shaved, rinsed, and then attended the body in a casual fashion.

After I got out, back to the head where a brushed my teeth, hair, and gargled.

That is a lot of heady stuff.

This Looks Promising

It Started

I love new apps especially when I can monkey around with faces.

I started the barn project by buying my first crow bar....a 36 incher. It didn't work so well so I called my pal Phfrankie and he filled me in on the prying sciences.

It finally started working.

Real good in fact.

I broke my hickory hammer.

I'm gonna have to deal with some rot.

I Was Reminded of This

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

― Mark Twain

I have two frogs to eat this morning, no three.

Tailgate Retirement

It is strange to be seasonally retired from tailgating. I swear it was our best season ever. Big crowds, good food, good weather and tons of friends showing up.

Now, as tradition holds, it is time for some home projects.

The barn needs some love. About three rows of siding will need to be replaced. Not bad for a 25 year old structure that I built using pine off of my land. Then a new gate is in order. I'm thinking a walk through gate.

Next the land needs some TLC with leaf blowing and general straightening up.

Finally I'll starts working on the grill project and gradually get ready for spring and outdoor living. I know I will be in full spring mode after St Croix.

Prediction for the Super Bowl, Seattle vs Denver and Seattle wins with a defensive crush. Or maybe the 49ers vs New England. I'm bad at this stuff but I will be watching.

We Did It

Brothers in tailgate.

All of us.

My little bros.


Super bar.

Super fire.

Until next year.