Dateline Charlotte, NC. - Handy HB2 transition tips. To the new "guys" visiting the men's room. Urine cakes are an acquired taste. You'll get used to them over time. At first, go easy on the lemon ones. Condom machines were originally meant for people with a penis. Imagine how old school that is. The party favor dispenser costs 50 cents each. And the strange low rider facility found in every mens room? That my friend is from the last time the federal government got involved in the men's toilet. If one is wheelchair bound and happens to have a penis, this device is somehow meant to convey urine from the chair to this low side bowl and out to be processed. No one has ever seen anyone use this urinal as intended. No instructions were ever given. It just appeared one day. Feel free to use it as you please.

Best Stink Eye

My dog Georgie has the best stink eye.



My Daily Ride

It's been one hell of a truck. My daily driver is a 2000 Ford F-350 with 347,500 miles.

I'm thinking about installing a new stereo system with Apple Car and back up camera.

It's still going strong.