On Turning 60

What I have learned as I turn 60

I finally like beets

I love cooked spinach

Carrots and English peas are da bomb

I rather be home most of the time with my wife

Sleep is wonderful

Sometimes it's great to be alone, but not for long

Fried food comes with a cost

I appreciate my partner like no other time. We love and care for each other.

Dogs are your best friend, the more the better

I slow down and enjoy the moment more, it's difficult

I think I have my arms around dying, yeah.

I love much more, everyone.

I eat much smaller portions but gain weight

I drink smaller portions but the effect is greater

I appreciate my senses especially smell. Nothing dings the brains memory more than smells.

Christmas no longer thrills me. Nor does snow.

Old friends are great

It feels good to feel good and being sick is horrible

Call someone to check on them, it will make you both feel great and nourish your soul

A nap is a gift from heaven

Puppies are special

The ocean smells like life, oysters taste like the ocean

Don't let a mosquito bite your ankle, it will itch for months

Be kind to all animals and as kind as you can be to people

Try and catch a few sunsets, and sunrises

Go to where you can still see the Milky Way.

Floss your teeth, it's a big deal

Always use onions, garlic, salt, and pepper

Splurge on bacon

Help a stranger

Crinkle cut fries are like no other fries

Young love is special, very special

Pizza universally is good

Enjoy mushrooms and stinky cheese

Don't cheat or cheat on anyone

Visit all the big cities in the US

Don't cheap out on ingredients

Thank someone for what they did

When in doubt, order the mushroom swiss burger

There is a deminishing return on pancakes. So good at first and tied of them in ten minutes.

About snow, I do love hearing it fall and the crystals breaking

Given a very dark room, a fan, and quiet, I think I could sleep indefinitely.

Buttermilk is like liquid cheese, so good

Winter is wonderful in the Caribbean, try it


Why do people take pictures of themselves in shorts with headphones and mikes? Can't they hear each other otherwise?




What I've Been Doing





That's about all.


iPhone and iPad

With my iPhone or iPad, I can reproduce the following functions on one device:

Mail, fax, telephone, radio, compass, world map, dictionary, encyclopedia, camera, camcorder, flashlight, Walkman, tv, newspaper, book, calculator, wallet, photo album, store catalog, word processor/typewriter, GPS, personal assistant, music library, general shopping, personal document archive, custom news ticker, social hub, library, film archive, calendar, clock, timer, alarm clock, banking portal, tape recorder, note pad, to do list, video phone, remote control, gaming device, internet browser, and a projector via AirPlay.

Nothing new, all services were available previously. Just not on one device. I am still amazed after ten years.