Goals vs Reality

Back in December I came up with some goals for next seasons tailgate. So, how did I do?

Replace the canopy over the tailgate bar with a straight leg 12X12. Results? Done. I got a super deal on a close out and now we have a much better shade.

Fix and stiffen suspension on the trailer. Results? Done. Just today I installed helper leaf springs. The ride should be better.

Upgrade and add more hold down fasteners. Results? Done. We live by bungee cords and tie downs. I have about anywhere to tie down most anything.

Branding. Results? Done. The Logo is on every stool top and on all three bar tops. One has to look good.

Burners for chaffing dishes. Results? Done. I constructed double wide chafing holders that maximize the existing propane burners and we have increased capicity 25%.

The bar to finish and new bar. Results? I added a third bar, and bar height table plus added coats of spar urethane. It looks awesome.

Draft beer on the bar. Results? A work in progress. Still looking at options.

Reduce number of full blown tailgates. Results? Done. No preseason and six regular season tailgates lets me pour more effort into each and every one. The show will go on for the other two tailgates and we have the playoffs covered.


I love smoking meats. Pulled pork, chicken or sausages smoked usually lends a great flavor.

Recently I've been on a pecan wood kick. It's milder than hickory but has that great taste.

My smoker is a Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 inch bullet smoker. This season I am completing all possible upgrades to tighten things up and extend capacity.

I have new thermometers, thermometer sensor ports, stainless steel fire door with new latch, new stainless large capicity fire ring, fire felt seals on all joints, and a stainless steel stacker ring for more capicity.


I'm On A Mission

Beef brisket. Another frontier. I've never cooked one, heck I've only eaten beef brisket a few times. Brisket is Texas barbecue. We are pork people here in North Carolina.

Yet there is a lure for me. A goal. And the Houston Texans are coming to town in September.

This means a trial run of a $50 piece of beef, then another for the game. 12 to 15 hours of smoking and finally the cutting.

I've even reading a book on this to avoid failure. Wish me luck.


A Great Summer Day

I took off Friday as I usually do in the summer. I had lists of outdoor chores but quickly abandoned all hope when confronted with the wall of humidity and heat.

Deciding then to do more Tailgate prep would allow me short burst of outside exposure followed by indoor stuff.

Grill Cleaning Weber Ranch

A little burnout allowed the grease settle and the grill got a complete scrubbing.

New Weber Ranch Handles

I added handled to the stainless steel grill top. It will be much easier to handle.

Weber Ranch Kettle

Four coats of paint Of high temp flat black on the Weber Ranch.

Mobile Tailgate Bar

The bar fully extended. Isn't it pretty? Now just add the canopy, stools, and TV. A beer tap is not out of the question.


The Rhythm of my Summer

It has been a long strange trip. Stay tuned.



My back Yard

Good times here. I've managed to build a nice court yard for us with pavers, gravel, and my screen room. Add two grills and a smoker and I'm in heaven. The dogs love it too.



What Have I Been Doing?