My Caribbean

Lots of folks see this picture as a quintessential seaside get away. 

Alas, not this man. I prefer moving about on my own like this spot on St. Croix.


My iPhone

My iPhone 6 Plus is about 2 ½ years old. A fossil by mobile phone standards. The phone is beginning to show some wear. The processor is slow operating the newest software. There are a few scratches on the outside. Even an internal cable had to be reattached just last week at the Apple Store. Yet still, I hold in my hand more computing power than was carried in Apollo 8 though 17 combined. 

I treat my Apple devices with some reverence because of their superior design, longevity, and their ecosystem of all their devices working in harmony. 

And so, I was appalled today when an AT&T customer service guy suggested I blow common compressed air up the largest oriface on my phone to clean it. Suggesting impurities had penetrated an area that was magical had never even crossed my mind. I was taken aback. 

We are talking about the earphone jack long ago closed to the world in China. Never to be opened again I assumed. 

A product so great it becomes cultural currency. 

I blasted common unsanctified air up there and the ground did not split open. And my earbuds are working.

Lockwood Folly

Adventure Trip - I'm strongly considering a trolling trip down the Lockwood Folly river in my Porta Bote dingy. The river is navigable 14 miles inland through Brunswick County, NC. 

Lockwood Folly river is a tidal, black water, brackish river. The head waters are in the Green Swamp, home to carnivorous plants and the famous Venus fly trap. The river empties between Oak Island, NC and Holden Beach, NC. 


Online guide articles warn of alligators, venomous snakes, bears, and Bull Sharks. There are cypress trees, eagles, ospreys, and a host of wildlife. 

I figure now is the time in my life to knock off a few of these things I always wanted to do. In a few more years developers will encroach, or I'll be too old to care. 

I plan on a slow troll with a packed lunch, camera, gps, and land on Oak Island. 

Hopefully this will be a summer or fall trip.

Live and Learn

Okay, call me naive. I often assume people are free thinking and draw their own conclusions. 

But I was curious when liberal diehards started blubbering in unison about Jimmy Carter last night on Facebook. What are the odds? Simultaneously 3 people get all nostalgic on Jimmy Carter? I think not. Or when out of seemingly nowhere people start knitting pink pussy hats and march in large numbers on the exact same day. Duh? Something's going on. 


I finally found the source for the liberals marching orders. It took a simple google search and there it was. Check for yourself. Google, liberal or progressive marching orders. 

By golly they have their own little indoctrination camps right on the internet. Nothing systemic in the movement there,  just hand to hand combat instructions and talking points.

How cute and Interesting. Clever even.

Calling Audibles

Supper last night. Beef log, olives swimming in olive oil, cheeses, crackers, and wine. Superb. 

The olives were unreal. 

My Normal Travel

My usual trip of 15 years would be to St. Croix. By now I'm done with winter and the trip to the warm sun and water gives me hope of Spring. This year I decided to forgo the trip and take it like a man. Enjoy what I'm missing.