Tuesday, January 31, 2006 - Restaurant Review - Duggans

The main attraction Duggan's has going is the location. It's open air, ocean front restaurant with a breath taking view of Buck Island.

When ever I've been there the hostess makes you feel as welcome as herpes. No matter if you have a reservation or don't have a reservation she acts like you are some unwelcome in-laws. Last night was no exception.

I asked for a table for 6. She hissed, pursed her lips, looked us over, walked off, and then very angrily led us to our seat. The fun continued with the drink orders.

No wine list was offered. She angrily took the orders and screwed them up. She made it clear that we were an annoyance.

Things picked up when the waiter came over. He was friendly and fixed the drink order.

The food there is always fresh. It does have New England a heavy sauce and bread flair.

We had a seafood stew, in a bread bowl. It was delicious.

The salads were fresh and the dressings were wonderful. My Caesar was one of the best that I have ever had. It was as good as any Caesar that you would get in San Francisco.

Mid meal the wicked witch of the west scowled at our table. She clearly wanted us to hurry up and leave. This woman is mean as a two headed snake.

Food -
Hostess -


Ahhh.... just got a great massage.

Ambrosia Body Care, call Terry 340-773-6174 or 340-643-2444

Now back up to the pool area.

Cousins Bill and DeeDee here again.....

Went to the pool this morning and swam a bit. The weather is gorgeous and the view is out of this world ! So many things to do here so many choices. Going to the beach this afternoon we think.

The weather today is summer like. Perfect.

Went over to the Divi and had a few adult beverages with Tom and Judy.
Monday, January 30, 2006 - Oh man I sleep good here. Of course I was worn out from the Jeep ride yesterday. Gigi says she feels like she was beat up.

The way this villa is situated allows night breezes to flow right through the bedroom. It makes for great sleeping.

But then dumpster mon shows up at 5:30 AM making all that dumster noise. Why do dumpster people get up so early to dump dumpsters? No matter what city you are in the dumpster guy shows up at the crack of dawn. The dumpster guy must wake up at 4:00, have his breakfast, read the paper and start his dumpster work. Why can't he show up at 8 or 9 for work like everyone else?

The owner of this villa must be a professional knife thrower. Not only do they have a well stocked knife block, but there is a whole drawer half full of various cutlery all in peak condition.

Tghe Oh we had a nice morning in the sun by the pool.

I think we'll head to Christiansted for some shopping. I may try some adult beverages at the brew pub.

Yep....did the beverages and shopped. We are headed to Dugans for dinner for some local seafood.

DeeDee here....

The food at Dugans was excellent.....good food, good friends. Shopping in Christiansted was good...got a Cruzan island hook bracelet. Folks in town are really nice and very helpful.

More later !
Sunday, January 29, 2006 - It's very windy. Today should clear up. Ahhh, no sooner did I type it and it did.

I appear to be suffering from the same afliction that cursed Joy Travis and I back in 2003.

Hey Ya'll....

I'm the cousin, DeeDee. :-) Fun, fun ! Beach in the winter ! We love it !

We have been reclining on the "very cool" veranda that over looks the golf course. The important part is the neat tree on the porch. All crooked and narly.....wish I could take it home to Alabama.

More later !

Cousin DeeDee

We are headed to the Marina for brunch, then off to the rain forest to catch some airborne disease.

The brunch at the Golden Rail Cafe beside the St Croix Marina was wonderful. I had a shrimp, swiss and spinach omelet, with wheat toast, oranges and hash browns. It was awesome.

The service was slow but they were very busy and very polite. You never felt neglected.

We sat in the open air. Actually it was the gravel parking lot under an umbrella. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Golden Rail Cafe

The ocean is vivid. A deep blue.

Whew! We are dragging butt.

We went to brunch at the St Ctoix Marina, then a ride to Cane Bay, then to the Carembola, then through the scenic route throught the rain forest, then a stop at the Sunset Grill for another Refreshment.

Gigi and Dee are cooking dinner while Bill and I unwind.

Bill here....

Life is good in St. Croix ! Beautiful mountains, sparkling clear water, and cool ocean breezes. It doesn't get much better than this.
Saturday, January 28, 2006 - Whew! 4:26 AM and I'm up. I not excited about vacation huh?

Two places I go get me this excited. One is St Croix in the winter. The other is Jekyll Island in the summer.

I love warm weather and the beach. I guess I'm not having a unique thought. That's why the coast is so damn crowded.

There is something magical about experiencing sumer weather in the winter. And the island culture down in St Croix is so darn charming.

This has been an unreal morning.

Our target time to leave was 9:00 AM. I always pad in at least a 30 minute “I'm running late and doing the best I can” excuse to any target time.

At 8:59 Gigi shows up, ready. Unbelievable.

Then the traffic at the airport was light and moving well. I pull into the long term lot and get the first parking space. Then we go through airport screening and whiz right through.

5:51 PM The Eagle has landed. It's cloudy and windy. Kind of humid. Well off to Schooner Bay and then Cheeseburgers
Friday, January 27, 2006 Anticipation. Almost as Much Fun as Being There! We are blessed with Anticipation. Anticipation is a gift, as long as you realize that, regardless of where you go, how much you pay, or where you stay, having a good time on Vacation is entirely up to you.
Packing, packing, packing,.......last minute stuff.
Should I take the golf clubs?? Or should I rent clubs there?? It's not going to effect my game one way or the other. Heck I'll rent them.
Okay....9:30 PM here in NC. I'm freezing with the temp at a wet 38 degrees. It's 73 degrees now and breezy in St Croix. We'll be there tomorrow.
The dogs are acting suspicious. They get depressed when we travel.