Saturday Adventures

I finally made a trip to Little Cumberland Island, GA via boat. The lighthouse was a classic.

We penetrated the land mass by a creek that divides Cumberland and Little Cumberland Islands.

I filmed this in HD on my iPhone.

Old dogs, New dogs and Dead dogs

My new puppy bolted out of the RV door. I dove to catch her fearing she would wonder around if I didn’t react. I tackled her and she rolled on her back and peed all over me.

Later I saw another RVer out in front of his rig and I had been meaning to catch him and ask him about this great aluminum rack he had over his truck cab. I suspected he made it because the welds were magnificent and it was all aluminum. This is specialized welding and it was a work of art.

He was an older fellow that resembled Santa Clause. He told me he didn’t hear well and he turned up his hearing aid.

He explained that indeed he had made this and said any good welder could make one.

Then Abby who was on the leash let forth with a big pooh at out feet. I whipped out a bag and scooped it up.

I looked up at the man to see if he was grossed out or disturbed by this and to my surprise he was almost in tears.

He explained that he had been on the road for 6 months and his dog of 15 years had just died. He told me to be patient with her and love her and he missed his dog very much.

Welcome to St Croix

What I Did On Tuesday

I walked to the beach with my puppy and showed her the dog memorials on the beach.

This one is for her namesake Galaxy. She loved this beach. Don't know the other dog. Duke and Peaches have a tag each on a nearby tree.

Then we ate some shrimp for lunch.

Then we all took a nap.

Tanner and I went for a ride and walk on the beach. Tanner sat with me while I had some beers.

Life is good.

Clam Creek and a Turd Story

When camping at an RV facility feces containment is at a premium. Patrons are strongly encouraged to pick up after their dogs. Dog baggy dispensers are everywhere.

And so Gigi and I take turns at walking the dogs. The older dogs will relieve themselves almost on command. The newer dogs take some encouragement.

It has been a year since we have had Tanner and in all that time I have never actually seen him do a number 2. Never. Ever.

So Tanner comes to me begging to go out and I took him and Abby for a walk. Toward the end of the walk Tanner gives in and busts this mountain of dog crap in the middle of the dirt road.

I grabbed my dooky bag and notice an old man driving my way very slowly in a pickup truck. I step aside and he waves then runs over the turds smashing them flat. How could he have missed them? They were darn near snow capped.

Please enjoy the following video of me and my 3 legged girls riding down Clam Creek. I had to stop when a guy came out of the parking lot and another dude was on a tricycle blocking the road.

A Nice Fall Sunday

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I used most of the morning for set up and clean up. I actually enjoy this.

We are expecting more family by mid week so my job was to construct a meeting/eating/cooking area using my awning and a big tarp.

This will protect us from falling acorns, dew and light rain.

Once I got it all set up it was time for football. I forgot the joy a win brings me. I was lighthearted the rest of the day after the Panthers pulled one out.

Then it was time to prep for a dinner party under the tarp. We had steaks and baked potatoes with salad, red wine and pound cake and ice cream for dessert.

The weather was perfect and the dogs had a big time. Life is good.

I Feel so Kennedyish

Today I begin my fall recess and will retreat to the shores of Jekyll Island, GA. I plan to celebrate Halloween with the family, do some yachting in Origami II, watch football and the election returns and do some diving with a local dive buddy I met in July.

I am taking my entire staff of border collies and of course Boscoe the parrot will be riding shotgun with me. Gigi will follow in the motorcade in her 4Runner.

I Am on the Band Wagon Now

I wanna puke and do a back flips repeatedly when I see these ads. Makes me ashamed to be a Tarheel. Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd came out of 1965. And Johnson carpet bombing Vietnam...what about that Andy? He was killing women and children in present time and saving your old decrepit ass 45 years in the future all at once. Time to go wander in the forest Andy.

Chicken Parts

Since I am the expert in this blogosphere on chickens I thought it would be helpful to share some chicken basics.

This is a chicken's pecker.

A Friend Let Me Down

Yesterday my world suddenly came to an abrupt stop and I was cast momentarily into the Stone Age and homelessness.

I had just taken my faithful F350 to be serviced. This truck is a 2000 model and has 242,000 miles on it. It is equipped with all the latest gadgets and sound system. It is my home away from home, my rock, my refuge.

So yesterday suddenly while driving it went dead, instrument panel lights came on, power steering and brakes went off and I was coasting this 7,000 pound truck to a safe spot.

I managed to get off the main road and into an assisted living facility parking lot. Then I sat in silence.

I took out my machete and tore off my sleeves making one into a headband… …I called a wrecker and a friend.

It seems the leading candidate is a cam shaft sensor. I should be back in business this morning but still I feel like a friend has let me down.

My Porch

After one year of construction things are beginning to wind down. I have new windows, doors, light fixtures, garage door, interior floor, no more rot anywhere, a new exterior and finally last night a porch.

For 20 years I have had an awning there. Oh it looked like the cats pajamas in the beginning but it had become a tattered eyesore and it didn’t offer much protection from the elements anymore.

Now I have the beginnings of a beautiful tongue and groove porch with simple lines and elegance. A place where I can set my barn boots at the end of a day, a place for the dogs to lay, a place to smoke a cigar if I did smoke.


Tanner has been rather melon collie ever since the new dog arrived.

The Next Frontier

My first suborbital mission is soon.

Meet Galaxy

This is Galaxy Brenna Hunnicutt a sweet little girl just 8 months old. She joins the pack as a rookie and now there are five. That'll do for now.

wReg Gets Artsy

A poor peasant girl daydream of what life could have been.

Room Service Anyone?

Road Trip

Gigi and I are going to Knoxville for one day to pick up Brenna the Border Collie. Brenna sounds like the name of some hot girl on CBS Survivor. Brenna is a rather sophisticated name for a dog.

On the way we’ll stop in Asheville, NC and eat at one of our favorite haunts and dine on some good fried chicken and apple pie. Then we will stop by the farmers market and smell the smells and look at all the abundance.

This evening we will dine out with Mic and Bic and exchange lies and some eggs.

Tomorrow we get Brenna.

If you want to follow our progress today then just check in here.

Warning to thieves and would be ill doers…..we have a house sitter and a contractor at our home while we are gone. He has one mean dog too along with my dogs. One of them loves guns and has a wandering eye.

Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

I love this song. It makes me sad and happy. My mother just turned 86 Sunday and she still vividly remembers her Grandpa who fought in the war. So for some, even though far removed by time it still picks a scab but conjures up pride.

Guess what I’m getting?

A brand new border collie puppy with the latest technology in ears. 4 legs too.


Please don’t say wee around me. It is a word that should be retired. It invokes powdered wigs and knickers. It makes me want to bang my pewter cup on a hand hewn bar top.

Stuff I Learned This weekend

According to a recent study at age 52 men begin to turn grumpy. So far I have avoided this. I hold laughing in high regards.

I watched a National Geographic documentary on stress in humans and baboons and it looks like from this study at least that I am dong the right mental and daily tasks that should keep me low stress. The study noted that baboons can gather enough food in 3 hours to take care of their daily needs and the rest is free time. Dominate males get all the food and sex they want and have the lowest stress.

In a separate documentary I learned why meth addict’s skin is cratered up and their teeth fall out.

I really do not like dark mornings. It is 7 AM here and the sky is black and the stars are out.

Sunday...It is what it is

This is the setup. A big charcoal fire starting, warm sun, cold beer, the bark of a dog in the background, good music and pretty girls and lots of laughs.

This is the steak that the Lord has given. Let us be thankful.

Panthers 6 Bears 23…the work of satin.

No Rest for Me

Big doings tomorrow with da Bears in town but first a few updates.

I bought a lobster snare. This device theoretically allows me to hook a cable around a lobster’s tail and tighten it down to capture it for my supper. This assumes the lobster stays perfectly still and allows me to do this. So watch your step lobsters of the Atlantic and Caribbean.

I bought a pair of dive mittens. Yes they actually make such a thing and I hope they work well.

I dove Wednesday night and wore two wetsuits. It kept me warmer than usual. With cooler weather approaching the visibility in the quarry is improving dramatically especially below 60 feet. But it is cold down there so I am layering the suits for now until I go to a dry suit.

I am also trying out a new high tech hood to keep my big old head warmer.

Tomorrow we host the Chicago Bears and a good crowd will be there for tailgating. My friend Sebastian (Bash) will cook his famous flank steak. He prepares and cooks them perfectly and I can’t wait. I’ll have a hot charcoal grill waiting for his arrival at 10 AM.

Meanwhile I’ll be cooking various types of brats and plain old burgers. I bought an assortment of beers yesterday and it will be very hot again so I have plenty of water too.

So today I’ll get the truck cleaned and prepped and fire up and clean all three grills. I can’t wait to be enveloped in smoke and bullshit and laughs of tailgating.

What’s New?

Two do dads were added to Testiculeese yesterday. Guess right and you will win a pile of money that I plan on winning from Phrankie after I keep a little for me.

Map of Online Communities

Just Saying....

It is possible to rent a bed in North Carolina (hotel) but against the law to traffic in used mattresses. You can’t buy or sell a used mattress because they are considered a biohazard.

One can rent a wet suit that people commonly pee in but it is considered unclean to rent a mask and snorkel so they insist you own your own mask and snorkel. But in St Croix it is common to rent some mouth piece who knows who has chewed on.

But it is considered unseemly for a woman in St Croix to bare her arms to the shoulder in public.

It is socially acceptable for some Muslim nations to grow and traffic heroin but they draw the line at beer or any alcohol as a crime against God.

In Myrtle Beach SC females cannot wear a thong bikini on the beach but they can go naked at the same town behind closed doors in a public strip club.

Mean People

People are too damn aggressive and mean these days when it comes to driving.

When I am coming onto the acceleration lane on an interstate highway it is my full intent to merge into traffic. I will turn on my indicator light or blinker to show my intensions.

This light is not me asking permission to merge it indicates my intension to merge. It is your duty to allow me to merge either in front of you, behind you or beside you if you have room to move over. Be aware and courteous because I am coming over.

This is not a contest or measure of manhood…it is a simple traffic maneuver invented sometime in the fifties by someone in the Eisenhower administration.

My truck is most likely larger and heavier than you car and I am armed if you start going postal so expect return fire. Just let me merge like the driving manual says.

Night Fire

The other night...when the fire was going...and I was having some beers.....

I Learned Something

“One evening as the sun went down and the jungle fire was burning”

Late yesterday I burned a brush and wood pile. Conditions were right. Recent rain, no breeze and the pile was dry enough to burn.

Except there were a few wet places so I dug out the fan and fed the beast oxygen. It was all consumed.

Where Am I Today?

Scary huh?

GPS tracking powered by

Country Ham

Tis the season where a man’s thoughts turn to heavy meats and stouter beers, the days are shorter, the nights are crisp, and I ponder the dosage of anti depressants.

On the menu this morning is country ham biscuits. For those out of the mainstream southern culture country ham is a ham cured with heavy amounts of salt. It is sliced thinly, cooked to a leather consistency and stuffed in a biscuit or laid along side some eggs to take its rightful place along with other breakfast meats. (Note: Chicken is not a breakfast meat)

When I was a child a family would get a whole country ham on the bone and hang it in the garage or basement and the family would carve on this ham throughout the holiday season until it ended in a ham hock for New Years day. By then we were sick of the shit and everyone was bloated from all the salt.

Now the ham comes shrink wrapped already sliced.