Slowly...Ever so Slowly

I'm coming back to life. Dive 117 was today and it was wonderful. 

Notice the dive profile how we went down 15 feet, checked our gear and checked our buddy before descending. This quarry is shallow compared to my usual dive spot. Then towards the end we hover at 15 feet again to do our safety decompression stop.  

On the bottom is an in tact railroad track with mining cars still sitting on the rails. There are lots of fish too. 

I used some very small light tanks to save the weight on my back. Also I was breathing 36% O2 air known as geezer gas. The normal air we breath is 21% O2.

Once down I was weightless and this made me grin the whole 38 minutes. 

It all went down without a hitch and I am a happy boy. 

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This and That

Rain....we are up to our ass in rain. Mud...we are up to our ass in mud. It is humid and not too hot, but uncomfortable and sticky.

Below is the typical afternoon radar warning of heavy rain, lightening, and floods.

Tomorrow I will dive for the first time in 10 weeks. I managed to load my dive gear using the lift I installed. Cool beans huh?

What Can I Say?

I've Always Wanted This

A food saver. So cool to vacuum pack food.

This chuck roast will come in handy later.

Label them, freeze them, and keep them fresh as possible in a freezer. The consumables aren't cheap but I know the food won't have that freezer smell.

Turtle Agility Trials


I can blog and know I secretly that I have one more anonymous reader. Thank you NSA.

Cool Stamps

I just got home yesterday and opened some of my birthday cards.

When I saw this one I knew it was from Sebastian.

Very Cool dude.

Music Scene

Both nights we hit the music areas for a few hours. Most of the clubs are concentrated in a few blocks. The streets are full of folks parading around in their cowboy boots and hats.

Most of the clubs were tiny and the beer flowed. All had a good live band playing country music.

My problem is while I like music, my head can't take but so much percussion in such a confined place at a time. 12 hours later I still have a dull headache.

We decided on some ribs while in town and settled on Rippy's because they claimed to have the best. They had cool tee shirts too that said, "Pull my pork and I'll rub your butt".

We ordered a half rack with slaw and beans and a beer to wash it all down.

About that time there was a shift change. We tipped the girl leaving even though we hadn't paid.

Then enters the night shift and God gift to bar maids. She is the woman in red and she thought she was the hottest thing to hit Nashville.

My buddy and I became invisible because all the staff and regulars were joking and swooning over this girl. She never asked us anything or acknowledge our presence. Both of us wanted another beer but we couldn't flag her down.

I went to the bathroom to wash rub stuff off my hands (yes they were wonderful) while my buddy was in charge of paying. I came out and stood nearby because my back was hurting and he went in to wash up. Immediately our spot was cleared and two new people were in our seats.

We left assuming we had paid when neither of us had paid.

This Land

Has hornless moose with big waddles.

Wild hot dogs woven in their lobby carpets.

AC vents coming out of rock faces. Look closely.


I didn't really think about Nashville all that much because I don't care for country music, camo, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, line dancing, etc. But the culture does intersect mine by way of BBQ pork, whisky, and southern food.

Keep in mind I am at a tourist destination right at Opreyland so the real Nashville may be far different.

Folks around here are allowed to practice their redneckness without fear of being racist because there is virtually no one to be offended. This town is 99% Caucasian. White folks openly being white is something I am not accustomed to seeing. Back home we have to make shelf space for a wide diversity of cultures, black, hispanic, asian, and various other smaller groups.

Cracker Barrel this morning looked like The Duck Dynasty. Hairy overweight white folk with ball caps were everywhere.

We did get out briefly last night and went in one of the many clubs where a very good band was playing.

Overdid A Bit

So I'm in Nashville, TN and I have been on my feet for two days...or sitting, and my back is crying for help. My leg is numb and my rear hurts.

This is typical inflammation on the surgical site. This is my body telling me to slow down and I will listen.

Today thankfully the agenda today is optional so I'll rest in bed, make some phone calls and generally take it easy. Already in mid morning I am feeling better.

A few video calls back home help to ease the tension. Border Collies are so smart. Who knew Galaxy could operate an iPad.

This morning I also made a Face Time call to Bondovia and chatted with Phfrankie and the lovely Fritz. It was nice to catch up. Phfrankie was preparing for some Godless summer solstice celebration that hippies do. I just knew that fancy yard fireplace was an alter.

Then finally a long chat with my bride Gigi via Face Time. It is so nice to see a familiar face.

Alive and Well in Tennessee

Of late I blog on a blogger app on the iPad which they upgraded a few days back and rendered it useless. 

Today they reverted back to the old app but the darn thing just crashes. 

So it leaves me blogging old school on slate  by the fireplace like the old genocidal Abe Lincoln once did. 

Traveling was difficult for me. My leg is numb, I am tired but I made it.  Damn recovery takes a long time.

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Just a Few More Days

And I'll be 57. If you need last minute shopping ideas just private message me. 

Knock on wood and i'll be through the dreaded 56 where most Hunnicutt men take a big down turn that leads to assuming room temperature. 

Hopefully my back was my big medical event. 

I will be in Nashville, TN on my birthday. Can anyone suggest any don't miss honkey tonks?

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Altered Cherries

I had a bit of moon shine building up so I decided to use it creatively but replacing the juice in a jar of merichino cherries with moon shine. Straight old corn squeezings rocket fuel. They should be quite done by football season.

Also, I am looking for some pickled eggs and penrose sausages for good luck charms in the fall. Last time I had pickled eggs around we went 12 and 4 and into the post season. That was 2008.

June for Sure

Amber waves of grain. Ready for the harvest.

Queen Ann's lace wild on the road side.

Wild daisy on the roadside.

Pink flowering mimosa trees.

Ruff Nite

How could the federal government let this happen when they knew it was coming? Big winds hit last night and ripped tree limbs and scattered them all over the yard.

No one has come to clean it all up and make it better.

I think I saw Joe Biden in the flickering lightening releasing monkeys to further scatter the carnage. It was clearly a left wing conspiracy.

Then I find a bloated dead body in the chicken coop This morning along with doo doo on the floor. It was New Orleans all over again, but no one cares.

My New Thang

I have been on a smoked salmon and bagel kick lately...cream cheese of course.

Oh and I love fresh sliced oranges. I eat them every day.

Imagine if you will a place where oranges grow in your yard, and your son catches and smokes his own salmon. That would be heaven.

However, wherever this place is would be pretty good too.

Good News


I got the go ahead from the doctor yesterday to step it up a bit. Gotta be careful for a few more months, and there are some things I just can't do for a while.

I'm limited to 10 pounds lifting and can't do stuff that compresses my spine.

I did get the go ahead to scuba only if I do it under circumstances that my buddy do all the tank lifting. That can work.

On Getting Old

I started my current vocation in 1984 when I was 28.....a snotty nose kid by my current standards. My target client age then was my current age...a pre-retirement market. I am soon to be 57. 

Fast forward 29 years and all these folks are getting mighty old. I know them all very well. I have seen them have kids through college, get married, and have grand children. 

They have also become old and feeble. They have also become dependent on the snotty nosed kid for near death advice. I have become a comforter in bad times, and more of an expert in affairs of the elderly. 

I have at least one client most any time in Hospice where we are racing to the inevitable to get their affairs in order. People live in denial of death until the outcome is obvious. 

Somehow I embrace this new role. It is so different than it was 29 years ago. 

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The Season

I finally got around to cleaning and reorganizing the screen room. The room needed a good cleaning and refresh. It was getting cluttered.

Installed was new seating and new cushions along with a glass side table. The infrared propane heater was moved to the corner for the season.

The recliner finishes out the furniture.

The TV/Stereo corner is less cluttered. I still need to install the shade to the left when I get cleared from my surgeon.

The Weekend

I went to Costco and bought essentials.

I found out there is such a thing as a saber tooth Deer. Look it up, it is real. A Chinese Water Deer or something like that.

I got all nostalgic thinking about my old friend Peaches. I miss her silliness.

But I have Haley and 4 more great dogs.

I am using my wagon to save my back. I just pull the bags off the seat and they fall into the wagon. Then I roll it to the barn.

I then hand scoop the grain in the container. I am talking care of my back.

We have had waaaaaaaaay too much rain. More is on the way.

This Guy Cracks Me Up

The tan, the confidence, the dog, the flirts, he is almost as cool as the Dos Equis guy. BTW, Southern Comfort is rot gut booze.

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The joke is on Me

Obama does read this blog. He knows my phone calls, my keystrokes as I type this, my internet searches, my email content, my video calls to Bondovia.

And he is building a 1.5 Billion dollar data center to get more information.

Damn. Very ass.

A Contest

A free pack of Newports to the second person who can correctly identify this item. (be nice, this is a family blog)

Goings On

President Obama will be here to see me tomorrow, but I ain't showing up. Its an old trick I do every time he comes to town. This time he'll be at the Quarry in Mooresville, NC. He thinks he is sneaky. I'll be at the quarry Sunday....not worried though....he doesn't read my blog.

I miss Renn and Stimpy.

I miss Beavis and Butthead.

I miss Pee Wee Herman.

I miss Mystery Science Theatre.

I miss Max Headroom.

We may get a bullet train to Atlanta.....and DC Too. My ass can ride the rails fast as all get out to two places I don't care to be.

(Here is an obligatory Picture)

Have a nice day.

The Pudding

These guys enforce Affordable Health Care.

The feds stopped my industry from enjoyment back in 2007.


I spent some time Sunday working my crop. Actually crops...there are two tomato plants in that bucket.

I wrapped the bucket in hog wire for support and attached the structure to the bench for more support.

Now I will wait for the harvest.

Feeling Human Again

Today is the first time in 6 weeks that I feel human again. I am healing although I have very strict limitations.

Yesterday I cleaned the Jeep and it took all day. But I paced myself and rested. Then Ludwig and I took a ride.

This morning I jumped in the Jeep early and rode to Bojangles for some ham biscuits with Rush blearing The Spirit of Radio in my ear buds. I felt alive!

Affordable Health Care

Yesterday I went to the doctor for laughs and giggles, and to keep my wife company. Before I knew it I was being dragged back to the exam room where Gigi had been for the past half hour.

Waiting for me was a was a shot for shingles and instructions on what medical inoculations I should get and any procedures I should have before the federal plan kicks in next year.

It seems on demand things like tetanus shots, whooping cough shots, shingles shots, hepatitis shots and colon scans will not be a decision you and your doctor make in the future. There will be federal procedures to follow. Who knows what else?

I was truly surprised.

This is how the feds will make it affordable?

Food Porn

Sorry....the final product was snarfed so fast that I could capture it on film.