Rtic Basket

Finally....a side basket. Can't think of another damn thing to add to this cooler. 


MappingKat said...

Hey Reggie -- My name is Katherine Hunniecutt and a distant cousin of yours. I found you via a link on Goodnight Raleigh about the Old Reliable Honeycutt marks -- the post was several years ago. I started doing some ancestry work recently and from your response to the Goodnight Raleigh post, I thought you may be able to help me sort through a few things.

My great great grandfather was Joseph H Hunniecutt, brother of Fabius. I've been able to trace the lineage back to Green and Delaney, but I don't have much information on Joseph H or his brothers/sisters beyond what I've found via census data. Would love to know if you have any stories. I understand there was a feud between the two brothers and JH added the 'e' to Hunnicutt as a differentiator. I'm dying to know what it was about. Would love to hear from you if you have in info to share. Thanks! Katherine (khunniecutt at gmail.com)