The Battle Lines are Drawn

Like the Golan Heights or Gaza Strip, I too have a small piece of land that I constantly fight for. I have been to court to defend successfully my property.

Once I won I fenced the property.

Now my rights are being challenged again. This time by the State.

Notice the red circle to the left? That bridge is failing and it is the only access to the neighborhood.

The state wants to take my promised land and build another bridge and road through my property with no offer of compensation.

Ain't gonna happen.

Winter Fact

February 6

Last dive and I was warm and happy.

Just Today

I survived.

I love a funny monkey.

Wise saying.

An idiot.

Three Tonight

Just three degrees. No more. That's all the degrees I get.

I want more degrees. 80 is mighty nice.

Bored Shitless

At least I have groceries. My car doors are welded shut by ice.

This is North Carolina for Petes sake.

I Hate Winter

Low 20s.

½ inch of solid ice.

Wild animals starving.

Somebody call in Spring.

The Week Past far too Quickly

80 degree current, great visibility.

The Tropics are on my Brain

Yet I must deal with a rather harsh winter.

If I lived up north, my fire place would be a real wood fire place with the ability to cook.

I'm dreading this storm.

Things I Like

An outdoor shower. I just love being naked in an outdoor shower.

And bougainvillea.

My Back

My back passed the test. I didn't do anything stupid and asked for help when needed. I can dive again cautiously.

I did only five dives, one was a night dive. My goal was seven but had a fantastic time on the dives I did make.

I rested, really did, relaxed, really did, and took lots of pictures.

My Favorite Breakfast Spot

Open air and in a gravel parking lot.

At the marina.

With live music sometimes.

Today Dive 141 and 142

I ate a big breakfast.

I made new friends.

I did dive 141 and 142 and loved it.

I defiled the webcam pole.

I was busy.

Words Cannot Describe a Night Dive

Yesterday was awesome as usual.

Gigi and I dined with the SCUBA crew at Rum Runners and I got to pick the brain of Doc Deep after a 540 foot dive. His ultimate goal is 1200 feet. There were amazing stories that swapped hands and plenty of laughs.

The night dive? Sensory overload.

First Dives in a While Dive 138 and 139

Me side mount close to the bottom.

The tanks start to float upwards towards the end of diving when the tanks are nearly empty.

Day One of Diving

Cancelled. We got to the site with no promises because of conditions. 10 foot swells called the dives. The issue is getting out of the water.

The score so far:

Dives 0
Snorkel 1
Lobsters 1

In the boatyard with a friend. She'll go in the water today.

A visitor at breakfast.

It Was Lazy Lobster Day

The damn thing was big as a water bottle.

A hell of a chunk of meat.

It played nicely with the pork chops. Butter made it flair.

The outcome was awesome.


A big ass hamburger with everything and fries.

All gone.

Washed down with a big red.