100 Day

Oh Baby! Miss Judith.


Happy times.

More happy times.

St Croix, US Virgin Islands.

My Dirt

It is as red as Mars. This is a construction site near my home.

Red clay to be exact and Georgia's dirt ain't no redder.

Soon, a new Bojangles will be here with dry ham.


I love the word mandible but use the common word jaws. There is a Sports caster called Jaws. Okay?

Location:Pinewood Ln,Midland,United States

Inventing Again

I wanted to mount my little Gopro HD Camera on my mask....so I did.

I'll give it a whirl soon diving. I like to look at my dives on video and this will remove me having to hold the camera or having it mounted on a shitty strap on my head. Now I will definitely record line of sight. You'll also see what ate me.

Not a Kinny Job

But good eye candy none the less. The finish is amazing at 7 coats.

The new boards have 2 coats on their way to seven.

Crippled Up NC Style

Disgusting. From the NC State Fair yesterday.

I see the same species at Walmart. They try real hard to be healthy I'm sure....except for the cigarette and extra 300 pounds.

Week in Review

A good one too.

Location:Pinewood Ln,Midland,United States

I Couldn't Leave Well Enough Alone


I used some stained 2X4s just to see if it would work to extend the bar around the whole damn thing....I think I like it.

The proper matching boards were cut and stained today waiting for their multiple layers of Spar Urithane.

We may just go to the playoffs and have a shot at another home game in the post season. Gotta look good for the playoff crowds. God I hope so.

It's Time

Sweet Victory

4 and three baby! It is the pickled eggs I tell you.

That Supper Look

Morning Feeding Time

The Fuzzy wReggie

The Fuzzy wReggie is born.

Yesterday I had dibs and dabs of various Cruzan Rum bottles that were 2/3 empty. I wanted to clear out some clutter and made up a drink using the materials I had...thus born the Fuzzy wReggie.

One part dark rum
One part light rum
One part coconut rum
One part and other flavored rum....I had mango rum
Two parts pineapple juice.
Shake over ice and pour ice and all into a tall glass.
Add Ginger ale to top off the glass. Don't stir.
Garnish with whatever is lying around.*

It is tasty and refreshing.

*Avoid garnishing with olive meat sandwich loaf.

Final Thoughts

We beat the Rams like a rental mule. Steve Smith used his "old man" muscles.

Three wise men hovering the grills.

Flank steaks.


It was Epic

A great tailgate.

Flank steaks, wings, brats, and shrimp. Damn.

The tailgate bar was a hit. Canopy overhead with TV and the game on.

Epic Tailgate

I can feel an epic tailgate experience coming on. Can't put my finger on it...maybe perfect crisp, cool, fall weather?

Any how...I'm stoked.

Sunday Gameday Prep

Oh baby! 100 times better than chips and dip.

Also a new corporate sponsor. We are moving on up.

Very Cool!

See if we can get to 20 trillion in two years.

Might as well...it is all a joke anyway. We are Americans....we can do it.

If only a leader had the balls. America, you embarrass me. I had the patriotic morale equivalent back in 1976. I was embarrassed to celebrate the Bicentennial.

Good times will come again I suppose.

New Doings at Duke Hunnicutt Poultry Institute

Chicken Senior Living Center. This is where old spent hens retire. There is great food, fresh water, and a nesting box to bring back the memories from the good old days.

A nice roosting latter provides great sleep.

A big roof protects from the rain.

They are close proximity to their friends for holidays and other social gatherings.

What is It?

Classing Up the Joint

A brass lamp always adds a touch of elegance.

The fire pitt is da bomb. Overhead head takes off the edge too.

What a nice screen room.

The tailgate Chuckwagon sits in the background covered in a blue tarp.

Brilliance The C of C

Take some leftover smoker gasket and apply it to my leaky rotisserie extension.

Apply the gasket so that it is air tight to control heat and smoke.

Add clips to the top so that I can add another grate and even more wings!

Brilliant I tells ya. I have another smoker/grill/rotisserie/whatever. I am so excited I might just hashtag.


Two Inspirational Young Women


Honey Boo Boo.

Mark Your Social Calendar

Tinking About The Island

Surely I'll beat Ken there.

I like. Therefore I must be.

I like dogs....



And vintage red Jeeps.

I must be________.


I just realized my little town has a logo. I see two fir trees and we don't have fir trees like these.

The dirt should be a but more red...but still cute. The offset cotton balls are nice.


I actually held an iPhone 1 the other day. It was heavy and very solid feeling.

Then, I decided to ask Siri a silly question...I got a silly answer.

Phfun Sunday

My tailgate pal is at the New England Cincinnati game.

He was at the NFL hall of fame. This is our tailgate RV. I have peed gallons in the bathroom.

My Jeep has the roof on and is ready for the winter.

I bought two bar stools for the chuck wagon.

Couldn't resist patching some more air leaks for wing cooking. I can easily do 20 pound plus of wings at a pop. Bring on the crowds.

My 57th pumpkin of my life. Nice huh?

Big Saturday

A lot of things have gone undone since my back surgery. Yesterday I decided to give the old body a good running and blow out some carbon just to see how I would hold up.

I cleaned coops, barns, straightened up and picked up everything out of where it should be. I burned the "pile".

I washed Gigi's truck, and put the roof on my Jeep for the winter. I washed the inside of my Jeep, yes really with soap and water and a hose.

Various other chores and the place looks better. I slept well and I am sore but my back seems to have held up.

Soon I need to get serious about some fitness routine and shedding a few pounds.

My Internets

Just look! Everywhere!

I be a Face Timing king.