All Packed

I never get tired of this place however for various reasons this year the spirit hit me today. It has been a stressful few quarters.

We were warned that seaweed is out of control this year. So are my nerves. No problem. I've been reading about the seaweed issues and it is the whole chain getting covered. supper of conch is out there.

My fancy evening attire. Shorts and a new shirt.

I even scrubbed the chicken shit off my flip flops from last summer. I'm taking the epi pen too just in case. I'm half an island from the ER if I get stung. I only recall honey bees and I'm not allergic to them.

Bottling Time

In Napa, CA.

For me....packing. A welcomed change of latitude soon.

Connect the Dots

All of theses dots were put in the ocean for a reason. One of theses dots is mine. I only need enough money to fly or float there. I fly.

I can't get there fast enough so 580 mph will have to do.

Next week I'll occupy my dot. It is a warm dot. There are beautiful flowers, water and people on my dot.

I need dot time badly.

When the week is over, I'll return to my big blob on the map.

But for now....I'm on dot time.

Research and Development

The North Carolina fried pork chop sandwich. In a batter of flour, salt and pepper, add an egg and milk to make a batter.

Hammer pork to a thin patty and pre heat skillet with oil to 375 degrees.

Fry for three minutes on each side and drain well. Dress with whatever suits you as long as it has tomatoes, slaw, mustard available.

Chicken can be substituted and buttermilk instead of regular milk.

I will test this in St Croix.

This will make the menu next year.


Until recently my sense of taste and smell has been hit or miss. Enter Flonase, a prescription steroid that is misted in the nostrils. Yes, miracles can happen.

I can smell the world and taste the things I have been missing.

But I notice recently that phantom smells have been sneaking in. For example: I sometimes get the distinct smell of another man. Okay maybe she is, but I get the smell of cigarettes too. Perhaps he smokes?

The old gal is on watch.

Two Years in a Row

It's been two years in a row that we have had our lucky pickled eggs. In that time, we won the NFC South back to back. It has never been done before.

You are welcome Carolina Panthers. Let's make it three in '15.

The best tailgate game day. Win or lose, you will have fun.

This Sunday

It's cold and frosty but, in six weeks things will be better. Bring on spring.

Out foraging food I came upon a Bojangles. I tried this tasty cheddar biscuit.

It had a great cheese taste and texture with just the right amount of grease. A+.

Always on my Mind

Very soon come.

I need heat and rest. Adventure. I can't push it all in one week, but I try.


I'm telling her of a mighty lion fish hunter in the Caribbean.

Living in Denial

My brother in law we found out today about popped a tube this week. From clogged arteries to congestive heart failure 58 years of abuse has caught up.

I on the other hand, while not the picture of health, nor the poster child of healthy living, do give a shit about my health, and try to curb my vices.

But, we all live in our own reality. Make your made up reality a good and happy reality.

Mental vacation. Extreme Tailgate Society. Dogs, and animals. A pickup truck. A loving wife. A fun place to dive. A great job. Grilling.


I'm getting the biggest kick out of my new pet.

She greets me several times daily.

She's always friendly.

She helps in the yard work.

And she takes peanut breaks. Gotta love that.

On This Day in History

MLK day 2008. We are in a free fall bear sell off where 40% losses are not uncommon. I get called in on a holiday to be fired in person by my second largest client for being 2% down in the one place that anyone was making money.

Idiot. At least he had balls to tire me in person. I'll give him that.

Sink Hole

I saw the doctor today and he agreed that my scar looked crappy but assured me it was only cosmetic.

It seems that scar tissue draws in as it heals and mine turned into a innie. So the pot mark remains.

My career as a potential neck model is highly questionable.

Mud and Dust War

We put down a three to four inch layer of crushed stone.

The small loader made it easier to move stone.

It all got compacted.

Then a layer of river rock over the compacted stone.

So far, no mud.

I Will Sleep Well Tonight

The Earth wobbled a bit today as we moved tons of crushed stone on what was once grass/weeds in the summer and mud in the winter.

Decorative stone will go on top after I tamp this down. I love my dogs but hate the mud they track in.

I'm In Good Place

The bullshit flair ups of the last few weeks have settled down. I hate it when I'm expected to be the adult. It is so stressing. But I did play adult and had several difficult conversations and moved on. People will press you if you let them.

But my squirrel loves me and that makes it all okay.

We made a discovery this morning that Georgie's real name was Possum. She looks like a big Possum so I called her that. She responded dramatically. She was someone's pet, named Possum, and somehow ended up in the pound. We rescued her and she is now Georgie Possum Hunnicutt.

Its Has Begun

The total immersion has begun.

The dive gear is out and being checked and sorted.

Yesterday I listened to Mongoose Radio during my eight hour drive to Raleigh and back. I can quote the specials at local restaurants and grocery stores.

Soon, I reach. I need it.

It's not just about diving. I love the diving there but can spend a day in town or driving or staring at the ocean while breaking a sweat...yes to perspire again by just being there. I even miss insects.

Black Hole

On June 19 of last year I had surgery on my neck to remove a piece of disc that was pressing on the nerve that controlled my left arm. The condition caused me great pain, numbness, and loss of strength and control.

The surgery was a success although the incision did get infected and it took several months to clear.

The location was the back of my neck where the neck rests on my shoulders.

All was well as I healed and gained strength.

What has developed over the last several months is a rather large indentation at the incision and the hole is causing pain at the location. Apparently the natural fat that lays under the skin did not heal and I now have lost the cushion by having bare skin covering bone.

I'm set to see about getting this resolved on Monday.

I Hate this Crap

Oh winter, how I hate thee.

Freezing rain is the can't drive on it and it brings down power lines.

Winter rain is bad enough.

Yard Work

It's a little more fun having a friend to hang around while doing yard work.

She shows up everywhere.

She is getting quite the little wide butt.

All Done

My football season is done. My focus is enduring the winter until spring.

Yesterday I took out the dive gear to sort and check before St Croix. I'll be so glad to be back in the water.

Two summers of back surgery have taken their toll on my mind, body, and confidence. I desperately need to get past this, or greatly alter my lifestyle. I can no longer assume my body will do as I please. Thus is frustrating but it is a reality I must begrudgingly face.

Every numb throb, or pain shooting down my arm or leg and suddenly fear that another disc is failing haunts my mind.

Pity party over for now.

Those Crazy Wretched French

With guns!

So unbecoming.

Damn Part II

Oh baby I was dealt a great deck. I gave the upper hand and can put on the squeeze with little consequences to me, and substantial damage to my foe.

Don't mess with me bitches.

I'll sleep well this weekend.

Sort, Clean, Dry, and Buy

In the secret bunker where the tailgate stuff is stored.

The tent is drying. I'm talking inventory of broken equipment. Making a list of new equipment needed for next year.

Childhood Haunt

Catsburg, NC and the general store.

We would ride our bicycles here and stop for snacks. There was an active railroad nearby to crush pennies and a ball field where I played football.

In my mind this is still an ongoing enterprise even though it is in disrepair.


People piss me off sometimes. Self centered sons of bitches. They'll walk right over me if I let them. Don't confuse my good nature with being the fool.

Try and screw me and my energy spikes and my scheming goes into overdrive. I am quite clever when cornered.

My Window to the Caribbean

With tailgating over I get my office TVS back.

Now I can stare at the webcam.

Hot Dog Art Gallery

A Mighty Fine Time

The local team wins and we advance in the playoffs. The tailgate was larger than expected and it did rain.

I cooked 80 hot dogs, 25 brats, 40 skewers of kabobs, and ten pounds of wings. No leftovers.

My best guess was 75 in attendance.

Childhood Haunt

Downtown Durham circa 1963. The best, the absolute gold standard of a Carolina Hot Dog.

I could eat five of them. Then we'd wash it all down with a cold Pepsi and be rewarded with a big burning belch through the nose of onions and chili.

The place was magical. Amos N Andy Lunch.

Sacred Texts Translated

The Hot Dog Chili recipe translated.

6 cups of chopped onion
3 cloves of chopped garlic
2 each 28 ounce cans of crushed tomatoes
3 pounds of lean hamburger (not browned)
¼ cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of Cayenne pepper
6 tablespoons of Chili powder
5 tablespoons of Paprika
Salt and black pepper to taste

The key to the authentic texture of the chili is the beef. I used ground chuck. I then put the Chuck in a zip lock bag and kneaded it to mix the fat. What I want it very small beef particles making the chili smooth.

I put the beef in a large stock pot with cold water and very slowly brought it up to temperature being careful not to even approach a boil. You want to separate the fat slowly without clumping the meat.

What happens is a smooth beef sludge forms. This is what you are looking for.

In a separate pot I cooked the onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

This takes a lot of stirring and slow heating.

Once the beef is brown then add it to the veggie pot. Add spices, salt and pepper and sugar. It starts to smell and look like the real deal.

Cook low for another 30 minutes and let it rest.