I began work on a trailer that had no purpose except to get it on the road.

My annual trip to St Croix was stellar. I became a advanced nitrox diver and did two tech dives.

My thoughts turned to spring, grilling, and warmer weather.

Shot out of the saddle with a herniated disc.

Recovery was long and restrained.

Work finally continues on what I started in January.

Finally Gigi and I travel in June to Southport.

By late summer, football is approaching and this trailer is becoming a tailgate chuck wagon.

The first game and this trailer is great but needs more modifications.

Mid season and we are in full swing.

The crowning glory was Monday Night Football, bar open, TV on and a victory against New England.

Then, we lost a trooper, one of the original Tennessee girls.

In all a great year, lessons learned, 30 plus dives, great adventures, and a record year business wise even though I was in bed for 6 weeks.


See you in Charlotte, 49ers or Packers or Eagles. I ordered my NFC South tee shirt this morning.


I have begun sorting and modifying dive gear for my St Croix trip that is just six weeks away.

Diving is dangerous. Panic is an enemy along with equipment failure. I find that if I mentally choreograph my dives, then I am better prepared panic wise. My equipment will be serviced soon in hopes of avoiding equipment failures.

Contingencies will be mentally practiced too.

All this I like as much as the actual dive.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Chalk one up for Kenny and his anti technology stance.

As you may recall, I bought the Nest learning thermostat generation one over a year ago because it seemed like a cool idea and I love gadgets. The guy who designed it was a former Apple designer so that alone reinforced my desire being the Apple propeller head that I am.

I plunked down the $250 and easily installed the thermostat myself. I then downloaded the app and off we went down the path of happiness.

Nest claims that the savings will recoup the cost.

Nest connects to the world through regular thermostat hard wiring and by wifi where Nests mother ship would send software updates.

Here is the problem. About two weeks ago Nest sent a faulty update that bricked my expensive thermostat.....killed it....all dead. It was 22 outside.

90 minutes later on the phone I was assured that a replacement was on the way and that perhaps I should go to Walmart and buy a cheap thermostat to hold me over.

Four days later and four cold nights later I received my replacement thermostat from Nest.

I reinstalled the new thermostat and it was dead on arrival. Another 45 minutes on the phone and the best they will do is send me someone else's problem in the form of yet another refurbished thermostat.

This is unacceptable. It is a great concept but obviously the company is way over their head and had a major software failure that broke my locality.

I bought a cheap programmable thermostat today at Lowes and I am warm. The replacement will go on craigslist as soon as it comes. I am done with nest.

Final Payment


The Carolina Panthers clinch the NFC South division and a first-round bye with:

1. Win over Atlanta Falcons or tie OR

2. New Orleans Saints loss or tie

The Panthers clinch home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1. Win over Falcons, plus Seattle Seahawks loss plus San Francisco 49ers win

BOOOO Seahawks.....go 49ers.

A public service announcement.

So Sorry

I am glad Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind me. I didn't get the spirit until Christmas morning watching Elf. That is sad.

Soon I will enter The Dark Times, followed by The Great Void.

St Croix will begin my re-entry to spring and all things warm, bright and beautiful. It is six weeks away.

We have a new AAA baseball ball park downtown that opens in spring. That will be fun.

God I miss man boob sweat.

Mental Vacation Man of the Year

Our first ever man of the year goes to.......Thamsanqa Jantjie, the fake South African translator.

His credentials include a current residence in a mental hospital, was accused of murder, attempted murder and kidnap in 2003.

In 1994 he was charged and acquitted of raping a woman and he was also probed over a £100,000 travel allowance fraud.

For he's a jolly good fellow that stood arms length from the US President. National security at its best.

First runner up, the national healthcare website.

My Mind is Turning

From this.....

To this.....

And this....

However.....if we get a home playoff game then the mothballed trailer will be called back in action for a sudden death emergency tailgate.


Tony Romo is way over rated. But I hate Dallas so let them continue to think he is great.

If the President really loved me he would outlaw pop ups offering to download an app for an iPad when I use an iPad. NFL.com and the Bleacher Report are the worst offenders.

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer was almost Reginald. Reginald made it to the short list (literally above).

Back Update

I met with the surgeon this morning and we talked about the MRI. It seems that the surgery is healing as expected and the disc is looking good.

Good news that no further deterioration is occurring.

The two nerves leading out of the area are inflamed and are causing my problem. I can deal with this.

He suggested that I get injections to bathe my spinal nerves in cortisone but I declined for now. Cause I am a tough guy you know. Actually I have seen Gigi get these injections over the years and the results were not worth the side effects.

For now I am happy that nothing else is tearing and I'll take it easy as I know possible (he, he) and tough it out knowing I most likely am not causing further damage.

A good Christmas present...don't you think?

A Few More

From another photographer. There were 50 people and one dog. The photographer makes 50 in case you count.

Edwin eats the good luck pickled egg.

Paul Kwon firing up the wok.

Most of the cooks in the kitchen.

Our Finest Hour

An instant shanty town.

The dining hall.

The bar.

Loyal fans.

The kitchen.

Great times, final home stand and we won.

Week 16

Our last scheduled tailgate is tomorrow. The mobile bar/chuck wagon has been a hit. The pickled eggs have worked.

Hopefully, if we can manage a home playoff, the wagon will see another service.

Next year I plan to get this trailer wired for power with two outlets on each side. I may have Carolina blue neons installed on the bottom. I will be looking for mags. I want a couple of drawers installed on the front side of the wheels for storage. I would love to find a better solution for shade. The shelter I have now works, but is flimsy and takes four guys to put it up. Maybe a boat canopy?

Finally, I would like to have a custom rollout cooking area. I'm getting ideas now.

Nice wheels and a small ramp would surely help my back. Design ideas appreciated.

Week in Reveiw

Cedie's died. She was an angel.

Gigi's car died after Cedie. It got fixed.

Gigi's father KOed a guy over a bowl of oatmeal at the assisted living.

I had an MRI on my back. Problems persist.

My horse had surgery in the field. She is doing well.

Thank God it is Friday.

Not Just got Tailgating

A handy little trailer will be transformed today for Sunday against the Saints.

Location:Pinewood Ln,Midland,United States



Grammar mistakes do not bother me. People who are grammar police kind of piss me off.

People worry far too much on blogs like Lifehacker about shaving. Shaving isn't rocket science.

Blogs talk about tipping far too much. It isn't hard. Tip from the heart. Tip who you want to tip. Gigi tipped a nurse once. I don't tip the guy who loads my grain but Gigi does.

A Joke

A boobie without a nipple is pointless.


Monday was one of those really sucky days.

1. My dog died. Peacefully yes...in the front seat of my wife's car. It was sad and we had a good cry.

2. My wife's car died. Peacefully right when Cedie died....in a pool of oil. It is fixable and should be ready by noon for a few hundred bucks.

3. My father in law got into a fist fight at the old folks home over a bowl of oatmeal. The only good news is that he prevailed.

4. I went back to the surgeon and it appears I my have won the disc lottery. In rare cases, people need two discectomies on the same disc. Mine will be confirmed with an MRI on Wednesday. I will put off additional surgery as long as possible because that sucks too.

I Lost a Great One Today

Her picture still adorns the banner on border collie rescue.

Eight years we had her. She was about 12.

She died this morning on the way to the vet. Goodbye Cedie. You will be missed.


The City

I moved to Charlotte, NC in 1978. It was a town of a few hundred thousand.

Last night I ate dinner in the city at The Capital Grill. The Lakers were in town, flocks of people were filing into the game, the streets were full of folks going out for company Christmas dinners.

There was traffic, police, lights, and tons of people. Everyone was happy.

This is good, but it is not my generation. It seemed like another city, another place, I felt very out of place.

My downtown is a small piece of turf where I tailgate.

If I was twenty something I would love the night life in Charlotte.

Off to play the New York Jets at home.

My little city is all grown up.


I never did care for The Who. I loved The Guess Who.

I followed Randy Bachman to BTO and it was crude, but fun music.

And that is all I have to say about this.

How Do They Do It?

I had some work done on the camper and paid to get the exterior cleaned. Damn it looks clean.

And the roof...so white. Not a spect of dirt.

I have tried everything from scrubbing, power washing, detergents and nothing worked this well.

57 Days

And chickens will pump my gas.

Recently seen on st croix.

Goings On

I got my new stove tops today. They will be used this weekend at the Jets home game.

As you can see I got a load of grain and hay too. And blew endless leaves.

It was nice to take the day off and stay out doors. Out doors is a silly term for walking around on Earth.