Big Doings Today

The paint over of the Extreme Tailgate sticker has been corrected. A new sticker was applied this morning. It missed two games but we won anyway.

The Jeep was winterized (put the roof on) and given a good wash.


I Am Thankful For

Glide dental floss. Superb.

The fact that I don't do much Christmas decorating.

Indoor plumbing. And my bidet.

My football team is 11-0 and a swell bunch of guys.

Prilosec. Otherwise I would digest myself in stomach acid.

Dogs. I love them all.

The love and companionship of my spouse. She makes me laugh.


Old Sparky


I finally flipped over the Weber Ranch to reveal the born on date. EE is 1999.

16 years and going strong.


Turkey of my Friends








My New Love

Someone left two big cans of Stella Artois at the first tailgate of the season. It's not unusual to end up with a handful of Natural Light or Bud Light. I usually just toss them because each one of the aforementioned is undrinkable to me.

But the Stella Artois had me intrigued.

Three ten packs later my taste testing is almost done. I love the lightness of the beer, yet it has a pronounced hop flavor....not too strong however. Gotta say this will be a regular for me along with Ultra and regular Michelob beer.

Happy American Thanksgiving everyone.


I Love Dreams

I dreamed I was in a generic Caribbean beach bar. The bar tender recommended Peter Pan beer in a white and red bottle.

They 17 cents each and the minimum was six.

I said no thanks but she insisted it was the best beer ever. "It tastes like what ever you want it to taste."

It was the best beer ever. Perfect taste, temp, and foam.

Happy November

Me, in another life, with my cousins. 1961ish. Wow!