Along with the temperature regulator for my Weber Smoker I have ordered a new and better fitting access door, plus a stacker ring that takes capacity up 50%. All made of stainless steel.

I'll have 700 square inches of cooking area, 950 square inches for chicken wings and thighs.

These modifications take the smoker up to competition levels. I could do 60 to 80 pounds precooked of Boston Butts. That would net 40 to 60 pounds of cooked bbq, enough to feed 150 to 180 people at 4 ounce servings.

Meat Tweak

As I am aging, I find my hobbies are now more about good food and drink. As you know, I enjoy grilling and I am ramping up on low and slow cooking.

One of the issues with low and slow is temperature. You want a constant of 225 to 250 for long periods of time, up to 12 hours.

I own one of the finest smokers known to mankind and it does an astounding job at keeping a fairly constant temperature. But there are many variables to a smoke that can cause temperature fluctuations.

1. The amount of meat in the smoker.
2. Wind
3. Temperature
4. Fuel

Behold the temperature regulator.

This gadget got great reviews so I bought one. In theory, I can load the smoker in any condition, set the temperature with the assurance that it will hold 225 all night.

I'm excited.


Keeping it New

The stadium isn't the only place to see off season upgrades. We are soon rocking a new custom 10 by 20 awning that display our colors, logo, and will keep us dry and shady around the bar and food serving area.

#KeepPounding #CarolinaPanthers #Tailgating #ExtremeTailgateSociety #aceboogie


Chicago dogs, jersey shore, New York pizza, Memphis ribs, Carolina pulled pork bbq. Walla walla onions.

I don't care, just make good.

Chesapeake oysters, vidalia onions, Derm dog.

Location:Pinewood Ln,Midland,United States

Learning From my Past

I am being good....very low key and lots of rest.

A few days back before the surgery I bought a couple of older guns from someone who needed the money. They are nothing fancy, just solid firearms that have plenty of use left in them.

The 20 gauge shotgun is perfect for Gigi when copperheads and raccoons make an appearance.

I'll get a kick out of the old Remington .22 rifle for target practice.

Over the next few days I'll get them cleaned and oiled.


This surgery was more painful than the last one. They had a difficult time finding the offending particle. But they did find it.

Day two home (Sunday) and I would classify this as a good day.

I still feel like my head might fall off without a neck brace so I've been wearing the brace out of bed.

Lots of rest here and taking it very easy.

Going Home

The rats nest of tubes to be gone soon.

The doc had to work and pull to get out the fragment. He said it was way back and knew I would be very sore. My arm is feeling better already.

I didn't sleep last night so this breakfast was welcomed entertainment. It tasted like curdled eel entrails. How do they screw food up so bad.

Cool Stuff

Brand new F-1 rockets engines at the feed store.

All finished with the dog run. Fake rubber wood chips made from old tires looks nice.


Well,the wait is about over. Yesterday was rough. I had a cramp that stayed with me about 12 hours. I worked until about 2 PM and that was stupid.

Today I'm working from the bed and I have gotten a lot accomplished without physical effort.

I gotta tell ya, cutting on my neck freaks me out more than the lower back even though it is the same procedure. But relief will be great.


Trying to convince the utility company of this is quite another thing.

World Cup Soccer

Nope, not at this house.

Yeah for the rest of the entire planet.

Not here. US Open, baseball, tiddlywinks, but no soccer.

The Wait

The diagnosis has been made, confirmation on the MRI, surgery is scheduled, and now I ride out the pain.

My dear wife has dealt with this type of pain for decades. Words can't express my compassion for her.

The best description I can say, and she said it, it is like you have a throbbing toothache in your arm.

I will get fixed. She is fighting the battle of pain on many fronts.

Last night, and again this morning I ate a meal with visiting friends and I was in a fog from pain. Not the drugs because they aren't enough to provide relief. Just my brain dealing with the pain as best I can.

Next Thursday I go to get it fixed.

Me 1960

My sister and me, and the dumbest dog ever. The Beagle breed totally blew it with this dog.

I was quite dapper at 4 I must say.

A Serious Medical Buzz

Next week I will have a serious medical buzz as some of the best chemicals known to man will put me to sleep. Then, when I awake, I'll have a morphine pain pump in hand.

I have a tear in my disc, similar but smaller than the last, located in my neck.

The pain will not go away until the chunk is removed. It is pressing on a nerve that make my left arm hurt.

So, I'm in the que for surgery next week.


Well I had the MRI yesterday and it turned out to be quite painful. MRIs are not painful but being motionless in a tube with shoulder cramps was almost unbearable.

I got the appointment with the surgeon moved from next Monday to this afternoon at 2. Armed with fresh films I sincerely hope that he can figure out what is wrong.

Enough meds on a regular basis can keep me functioning but who gives out pain relievers these days.

This has come on to me so sudden that I forget when I wake up only to be greeted by clamping pain in my arm and shoulder.

We will see today.

Board of Directors

Extreme Tailgate Society


Today, I get an MRI on my neck to see what exactly is going on.

The pain in my arm and shoulder has gotten progressively worse. In addition there is numbness and weakness. Every day there is something different.

My hope is perhaps a bone spur that can be zapped with a laser with minimally invasive surgery. Worst case, a fusion is needed. I'm also afraid of long term steriods and cover up drugs which is a strategy if nothing is clear cut on the MRI.

Either way, this is something that has to be addressed because the pain is significant.

Stuff I Like

Plus doilies and crumb scrapers. Yes I own a crumb scraper.

It's A Lovely Place

Driftwood beach is artistically beautiful and ever changing.

A dive along the shore is typically southeast shore flat with dunes. Our water here is muddy color from such close contact with marshes and rivers. Tannins and silt give it this color.

For beautiful fresh water a dive to Ginny Springs provides the needed eye candy.

This water was so clear and refreshingly cool.

The Crap I Carry In My Pockets


Breaking news....story developing.


Stay tuned as this story is developing.

Now nothing is better than bacon except bacon on an open fire.

Toast is damn good too.

Perfection. Just add coffee.

Second Theatre of War

I spent my first day doing what I wanted to do. I walked the dogs, took a nap, cooked a little, and relaxed.

This is my birthday month and I will be 58 on June 20th.

It has been thirteen months since I discovered my lower back is worn down to the point I had surgery just to live a normal life. I am much more careful now and listen to the aches and pains.

Last week I was told by my doctor that my neck, well it too is on the verge of doing what my back did. The aches in my arm and shoulder down to my fingers was not muscular, or overdoing it. The nerves are bring pinched by the two bottom discs, bone spurs abound, and it is all attacking my left side. Medically, my shit is wearing out.

An MRI will pinpoint the problem and then an assessment can be made.

Ruffin It

Supper under the stars. Lasagna with garlic bread, fresh salad, and wine. All surrounded by family.

Jekyll island campground is one of my favorite places.