Actual Vacation

Not since 2012 have I had a relaxing vacation away from it all. I am attempting one now. Just me and the Mrs and 4 dogs. Sleeping late, eating whenever, is heaven. No office calls, nothing. I'm living on two bars...AT&T bars.

In 2013 is was my back. Out for the entire summer recovering. I was just well enough to go to St Croix with a large group who didn't get along. It was a stressful time. Miserable.

Last year was another summer recovering from back surgery. Then a hurried trip to the island that wasn't very relaxing. Had I forgotten the art of vacationing? Where is my cocky swag? Always worry swirling in my mind.

This summer a sick dog kept us home. We nursed Galaxy all summer and she finally died in spite of our efforts to save her. Another summer without our usual travels.

Then we got a call. A spot opened at the campground at Southport. We jumped on it, found a house sitter and too off. We hadn't used the RV for two years.

So here I sit, boxers and tee shirt in a trailer, with no one to answer to, and happy as a lark.

I need to recharge.