The Passage

One thing on my bucket list was to do a passage, especially a night passage. For those who don't know, in the yacht cruising world, a trip between islands, or any travel of duration is called a passage.

The desire to be at sea on a small (42 foot) boat, out of touch with the world appealed to me. I longed to hear the creaking of the boat, the sea leg balancing act, and the freedom knowing I was in a place that no one else was seeing. It's like camping in the middle of the ocean.

One cannot willie nillie take off to the sea without preparation, planning, and weather watching.

My friend Ken faced a long passage of 30 plus hours traveling between Antigua and St Croix. Ken was on his way from Grenada to St Thomas to catch a plane to Boston to meet up with his wife, Vicki.

So I, along with our friend Steve joined Ken on the 32 hour voyage.



Unknown said...

...and a swell passage it was, my friend....