One Last Summer Tomato

My wife randomly stopped by a roadside farmers market this past week. She recognized one vendor that stops at our church on Wednesdays. His goods are usually the highest quality and locally grown in his own garden. He doesn't sell from boxes of produce grown in Florida or Mexico and claim it to be his own. 

She noticed two very small and very red tomatoes all alone in a box. Those two small tomatoes were the very last two of the season and she bought them. She brought them home and insisted they were mine. 

I did what any southern man would do. I began construction of a BLT. Look at that ripe juicy fruit. Bacon, lettuce, and sour dough in the toaster. 

Oh baby. A slice down the center and every bite was heaven. My last real summer BLT until next June, 2017. You can't buy tomatoes this good off season.