Approaching St Croix Apogee

Within a few weeks, I will be equidistant from my last departure of the island, and my planned arrival to the island.

Once a year visits have been frustrating to me, but my health hasn't cooperated to allow more frequent visits. Darn back surgeries get in the way.

My standard mo on the island is wide open, and I haven't compromised yet. But I may one day just have to visit and relax. I hear people actually relax there, sit on the many beaches and read a book. This sounds great in theory.

So far, I haven't found a trace of relax in my DNA so I wait until I'm healed. I truly like more extreme activities like hiking and scuba, and St Croix feeds that need.

What draws me is the constant that tugs in my heart, a magical place, blue water, warmth, breezes, flowers everywhere, big grass covered mountains plunging into deep blue water.

What develops after a few visits are great friends, favorite places, favorite restaurants, activities, shopping spots, or just hanging in a unique shopping village next to the blue sea. There are more things to do than a week can possibly cover if you will just open your eyes and drink it all in.

And yes I said shopping. I wouldn't be caught dead recreationally shopping stateside, but on St Croix you find so many one of a kid retail spots to browse the day away. If I get bored I tell my wife I'll be on the water front. She'll find me on a bench, starring at boats, people, and sipping a cold beer.

Can't find me? She will look in one of the many dive shops.

When I feel cruel, I call a friend from the live web cam, beer in had, and chat away with aqua blue waters in the background.

And so now, I plan my visit. I will be there for Super Bowl Sunday and I like that.


Ken said...

Put that Moo Moo on and kick back. Let your wind up self stay unwound for a couple of more weeks and use generous amounts of lubricating oil/wine. GET BETTER!