Good Times

In another life I could do this. This place in in town center, which ain't saying much. The food is spot on American junk food.

It's at the towns crossroad so they catch traffic from all directions. They have a good reputation and stay busy.

I got a hotdog all the way, mustard, chili, onions and slaw. Oh, and crinkle cut fries. There is no fry superior to the crinkle sir.

My bride selected the onion rings and corn dog. All the food was at the top of their game.

If I owned it I would make it more of a social place like some of my hangouts in St Croix. I'd have breakfast sandwiches and great coffee. Keep lunch the same. I would make a large covered open air area for eating, pool, and corn hole games. And there would be a bar from 4 to 7. Enough to get a buzz but not become a hangout.

Then take outs for supper. Good stuff, a different limited menu daily. Close by 8 PM.

And I'd be closed from November 1st to March 31st.


terri said...

Count me in for the onion rings!

Ken said...

And everyone would love you at Reggie's.

It would be a fine name for an eatery.