Up and Going

I found out yesterday that my usual post surgery morning routine is not up to standards.

Normally for the past 7 weeks, we wake, I make coffee and we slowly treat aches and pains until I get up, shower and go.

Yesterday I had a plane to catch, so it called for action from the get go. This is something expected from normal folks but it came as a shock to my body.

We ended up in Plano Texas none the less, tired and achy but in good spirits.

Today we are headed to the spinal clinic for second opinions for my bride.

I'm ten days away from it is show time at tailgate and I know it will push me. But the good news I have almost a month until regular season game one to rest and recover.

Reporting from Texas, this is wReggie.


Ken said...

Happy trails through Texas!

Unknown said...

You are like the Walter Cronkite of the Blogosphere.