A Realization

I awoke this morning and realized that radishes were no more part of my life. I love a radish, but at some point the crunchy veggie escaped my grocery list.

The radish never met the rock star status of other veggies like onions, garlic, celery, or green peppers. The radish stood on its own and was eaten raw. I salted mine.

So noble is the radish that it is served at fine restaurants like The Palm as a pre meal snack along with gherkin pickles.

When I used to have a vegetable garden, the radish was my only root vegetable.

Today, when I replenish my Gatorade stock, I promise dear root that you will come home with me.


Ken said...

Hurry, get back to your roots!

Ken said...

No carrots in your garden, no spuds ever did you sow?
Hurry! Go get some red roots!