Egg Color Adjustment

Although not quite as apparent in this photo, the egg to the right is a darker brown in color than the egg on the left.

The color adjustment can be made by first locating the hens that need color enhancement. The brow dye can then be loaded at the dye nozzle center and above the cloaca.

On hens prior to 2006, the color adjustment screw can be found to the right of the cloaca. In 2007 the adjustment screw was moved to left of the cloaca to meet international standards.

Simply turn the color adjusting screw to the right to increase color tone. Your eggs will now turn out even tone.


Unknown said...

I try to avoid the cloaca.

Ken said...

THANK GOD keeping up with this. We can't expect the hens to stay in control!
"Good eye" wReggie!