Award of Excellence

The annual Duke Hunnicutt Poultry Institutes Award of Excellence for 2014.

A dedicated individual engaged fine outdoor cooking. Here we see his footman tending to the dinner fire.

A typical supper for this individual. Built from potatoes, chicken, and fire.

After the fire roasting and required resting.

And this years winner is.......Phfrankie Bondo.


Ken said...

Him does it good!

Unknown said...

Please.....sit down. Thank you! Thank you all very much. Thank you. Please. Please sit down.

I am humbled to win this year's award.

We here in Bondovia work quite hard to meet the quality standards of the Duke Hunnicutt Memorial Poultry Institute, while at the same time infusing our own "spin".

I would like to thank those at the Institute for their most generous compliment, and you, the fans, for keeping the competition alive.