You Do, or You Don't

There is no in between. You are an oyster eater or your not.

I am an oyster eater. My father encouraged me and I took right to them. I'll eat them raw, steamed or stewed. I ate fried oysters the other day.

We are in the peak of the season and I'm loving oysters.

I am not a fan of Pacific oysters, they are too big. I avoid Gulf oysters because they have to process the waste water from ⅓ of the United States via the Mississippi River.

From New York to North Carolina are the best oysters. NC oysters are very small and salty but fantastic. Virginia's Chesapeake' are legendary. New York's blue points are the stuff of fine dining.

Thank you Earth and our creator for oysters.


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terri said...

I'm not exactly picky when it comes to food and I'm usually willing to try almost anything. But oysters are something I just can't wrap my head around. Although "salty" is always appealing to me. One of these days I might give them a try.