Baby Back Ribs

Happy Independence Day. For the occasion I've decided to cook baby back ribs. Usually I'm a spare rib or St Louis style guy, but these baby backs were 1/3 off. I never like to pay more than $10 a rack.

Baby backs will cook faster than the bigger racks and they don't require as much babying such as foil wrapping to make them tender.

The ribs:

A clean work surface:

Removal of the silver skin. Use a dull knife to lift the skin and a paper towel to peel the skin:


A light rub of kosher salt:

Then a light rub of any pork rub:


Now off to the refrigerator for a few hours to absorb some of the salt.

I'm cooking this on the regular Weber. The fire will be to the right, wood smoke on top, with water pan to the left below the ribs. Lower dampers wide open with the electric probe checking the temperature. 275 is the goal.

Study and memorize this chart while the ribs cook. There will be a test.

Trying to balance the temperature to the mid 200s. It's easier in a smoker but I didn't want to dirty up the smoker for one rack of ribs.

They are pulled to rest after 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Turned out that I over cooked them should have stopped at 30 minutes earlier. Can't undo that.

However they were damn good. Max helped me cook them and watched baseball with me.