I Did It

The week is done.

Tricep Tuesday

Machine bench(use the grip that makes your thumbs up) x12

Tri-cep pull x 12

dips Start with 15 then add 10 each each set after

Dumbbell incline press x10

Over head tri-cep press x 12

dumb bell kick backs x10

Narrow hand position push ups 10-15

Dumbbell shoulder press x 20

Dips until failure

Leg extension Wednesday

To be done together

one does one exercise there other does the other

Stability ball squats x12

Leg extension (lightweight) x20

do this 4 times

lunge x16 (walking)

calf raises till other is done with lunges

both do 20 ab exercises your choice

leg extensions(heavier weight) x10

squat and press x 5 each side

side step squats x 10 each

treadmill steps x 6 each

Thursday thursday

lat pull wide x 10 narrow over hand grip x 10 narrow under hand grip x10

Bent over row x8

side lat raises x20

open hand bicep curlsx 10

upright row x20

hammer curl x10

trx pull x 20



jakemav said...

I love it that you're exercising a lot! It's very good mate, I'd really appreciate it if you'd write your warm ups and cool downs too and try to keep a chart you could show us of how much you've progressed! Keep up the great work #GetHench #GoHome