Lockwood Folly

Adventure Trip - I'm strongly considering a trolling trip down the Lockwood Folly river in my Porta Bote dingy. The river is navigable 14 miles inland through Brunswick County, NC. 

Lockwood Folly river is a tidal, black water, brackish river. The head waters are in the Green Swamp, home to carnivorous plants and the famous Venus fly trap. The river empties between Oak Island, NC and Holden Beach, NC. 


Online guide articles warn of alligators, venomous snakes, bears, and Bull Sharks. There are cypress trees, eagles, ospreys, and a host of wildlife. 

I figure now is the time in my life to knock off a few of these things I always wanted to do. In a few more years developers will encroach, or I'll be too old to care. 

I plan on a slow troll with a packed lunch, camera, gps, and land on Oak Island. 

Hopefully this will be a summer or fall trip.


Unknown said...

I am all about this trip!!!