My iPhone

My iPhone 6 Plus is about 2 ½ years old. A fossil by mobile phone standards. The phone is beginning to show some wear. The processor is slow operating the newest software. There are a few scratches on the outside. Even an internal cable had to be reattached just last week at the Apple Store. Yet still, I hold in my hand more computing power than was carried in Apollo 8 though 17 combined. 

I treat my Apple devices with some reverence because of their superior design, longevity, and their ecosystem of all their devices working in harmony. 

And so, I was appalled today when an AT&T customer service guy suggested I blow common compressed air up the largest oriface on my phone to clean it. Suggesting impurities had penetrated an area that was magical had never even crossed my mind. I was taken aback. 

We are talking about the earphone jack long ago closed to the world in China. Never to be opened again I assumed. 

A product so great it becomes cultural currency. 

I blasted common unsanctified air up there and the ground did not split open. And my earbuds are working.