The Shut Down

As a courtesy, I will make available what you can no longer see, because the Democrats refuse to negotiate, and the federal government is shut down.

Here is the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln was a lanky white man who saw over the torching of the Southern United States.

I have been there. It is no big deal. But you can't go. Enjoy this photo I stole off the Internets.


Rock Chef said...

In my view, the Civil War should have ended with Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg. Sadly, no one wanted to negociate...

Unknown said...

I can't help but think:

It was signed into law.

Challenged in the highest court and decreed legal.

You have the option of using it or not.

The guy was re-elected with this as his signature legislation.

And some yayhoo from North Carolina (Mark Meadows) decides to tag an objection to it onto a vote to fund the government.

One does not have to debate the merrits of the SIGNED legislation to see that this was the most petty and self-serving thing that anybody could ever think of doing.

The issue is not Obamacare. The issue is hard-headed legislators that cannot accept what is ALREADY law. And put the entire country in a state of flux as a result.

By the way, have we heard any constructive alternative plans from these objectionists? Perhaps I've missed them. Enlighten me please.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Some poor slob working in a coffee shop to pay off student loans will be forced to have health care and forced to pay. He has no choice and he can't afford another bill to pay yet he must. Even if he is young and healthy. This is bad for the economy, bad for your personal rights. It is bad legal legislation even if the Supreme Court ruled on it. I didn't agree with the Bush ruling, the traffic stops looking for drunks with no probible cause, and the healthcare ruling declaring this a tax insdtead of forced purchase mandated by the feds. Nope I don't have to like it one bit. Out of my pocket next year 27,600. Un fucking believable. No I don't like it one bit. I am thrill the government is shut down. I rode around at lunch looking for signs and the world is turning and we are living our lives and 800,000 losers are at home. I'm starting to sound like the anti Kenny so I'll stop there. Bad legislation.

Unknown said...

You missed my point entirely, sir.

Obamacare very well may be bad legislation.

I do not wish to debate that.

I wish to call bullshit on tagging on provisions to a bill with the express purpose of stopping funding for the government.


For those who may not know, here's how it's done:

Come up with a plan.

Write a bill.

Introduce it to the House.

Vote on it.

Watch it go to the Senate for vote.

Accept the result

Move on.

Do not hold the country hostage for SOMETHING YOU DO NOT LIKE.


What will Kinny think?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Did miss you point entirely. The new normal....remember? Do whatever it takes. Gone are those good old formal constitutional days like when armies stood in the battle fields and blasted each other and accepted the outcome. Or when the president would pick up the phone and call Tip Oneal and work a deal then have a beer and never compromise principals all for the good of the country. It just doesn't work that way any more when excutive orders are written, czars are in charge, leaders are assinated. Remember when the speaker said, "Pass the law and we will read it later"? We have read the law now and it needs to go.

Ken said...

Kinny thinks, some who are doing very well in this country may have to fork it over to keep it all in balance and some who are doing OK will get a bit better deal dealing with the most overpriced health care in the world(don't tell me the best), I'm sick of hearing we're the best! There will always be the very poor and many of those who are so well off don't notice what it costs to come out of the grocery store with "real" food, and not junk. The junk is affordable to stay alive day by day, barely. No, to me the greedy fuckers with the power, be they politicians, bankers, pharmaceutical etc are sucking the people dry to get rid or that pesky middle class. corporations.