The Fuzzy wReggie

The Fuzzy wReggie is born.

Yesterday I had dibs and dabs of various Cruzan Rum bottles that were 2/3 empty. I wanted to clear out some clutter and made up a drink using the materials I had...thus born the Fuzzy wReggie.

One part dark rum
One part light rum
One part coconut rum
One part and other flavored rum....I had mango rum
Two parts pineapple juice.
Shake over ice and pour ice and all into a tall glass.
Add Ginger ale to top off the glass. Don't stir.
Garnish with whatever is lying around.*

It is tasty and refreshing.

*Avoid garnishing with olive meat sandwich loaf.


Unknown said...

I happen to be a big fan of olive loaf and, although your new drink sounds ever so delicious, I feel that you owe olive loaf lovers everywhere, (not to mention the Amalgamated Olive Loaf Federal Employees Union), an apology for the disrespect shown in your otherwise fine post, sir.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Apologies to the fine folks at AOLFEU. While the staff and management personally use olive loaf and other extruded slick meats, we have found that olive loaf does not pair well with a Fuzzy wReggie.

Apologies to others who love olive loaf and other extruded slick meats. No offense was intended.

Unknown said...

You're off the hook, pal.

Let's havw some Phfuzzy wReggies!

Ken said...

"Slick Meat" would know!

terri said...

I was thinking, "I'd get drunk on all that."

And then I was thinking, "I haven't had olive meat sandwich loaf in forever!"