Big Saturday

A lot of things have gone undone since my back surgery. Yesterday I decided to give the old body a good running and blow out some carbon just to see how I would hold up.

I cleaned coops, barns, straightened up and picked up everything out of where it should be. I burned the "pile".

I washed Gigi's truck, and put the roof on my Jeep for the winter. I washed the inside of my Jeep, yes really with soap and water and a hose.

Various other chores and the place looks better. I slept well and I am sore but my back seems to have held up.

Soon I need to get serious about some fitness routine and shedding a few pounds.


Unknown said...

Twelve ounce curls!

terri said...

I wondered how this post was going to end. Glad to hear that your back managed all the activity.