This Makes Sense

My Fitbit activity tracker among many things tracks my sleep. As you can see from 12:45 to 4:45 last night I was experiencing a most blissful sleep.

What I was dreaming was that I had managed to live in an elevator shaft by climbing walls and hanging there to sleep. I was in constant fear that if I slept too well then I might fall into the bleachers below. This went on for many hours as a climbed along the walls in my dreams.

Meanwhile, in my motionless bliss, my right lung was accumulating fluid to the point where the red streak starts when a major coughing jag starts. Ten minutes later, eyes watering, I finally recover and clear the lung.

Lord this has been a suck year health wise and in many other ways. I'm ready for 2015.


Ken said...

What does "among many things" mean, when talking about tracking your sleep?
Maybe a new pillow, or, when's the last time you did a mattress upgrade?