I like to get a good breakfast before a morning dive. Just a plan old regular breakfast, nothing fancy.

I've suffered breakfast frustration on this St Croix trip.

The Golden Rail moved and my new tryout restaurant Toast, well, their interpretation of grits was not really like any grits I have ever seen in 59 years of roaming the earth. $7 for a blob of grits too. That means I have about $10,000 worth of "Toast" grits back home in my cabinet. I'll have to adjust my net worth up a bit based on market prices of cooked grits. I'll give Toast another try next trip. Just not the grits.

And Angry Nate's, my goodness that was good but very expensive for a diner type breakfast I desire.

I did drive to the new Golden Rail and the breakfast was dead on at a reasonable price. It's just not on my way to anywhere.



Ken said...

It was a decent diner breakfast, shouldn't have been more than 10 to 12 bucks with coffee.