Hanging Up The Cleats

Yours truly, Reggie Hunnicutt, has retired honorably from weekly operations of Extreme Tailgate Society effective 2/8/16. I've hung up my cleats. Rode off into the sunset. I'm waiting now for the call from the hall of fame of tailgaters.

I plan to stay on as social media mainstay, and be a resource for season and logistic planning. A tailgate think tank so to speak.

I am willing to mentor young minds with strong backs and creative ideas. We need some volunteer fill ins. Inquire within. There is plenty of time to plan next seasons run to the Super Bowl.

The whole process is fun. It's a block party of friends every other week during the season.

Going forward, I will not be attending the tailgate weekly as I have for 16 years. I will watch the game at the local pub or from home.

It has been an honor to help grow this tailgate club over the last 16 years from 5 to 150 tailgate participants. I cherish the friendships I've made while doing something I love. Cooking, marketing, football, and socializing.

Thank you all to those who attended our tailgates and helped build this club.