If I Were A Rich Man

About mid month of November, I'd call ahead and tell my people to get my St Croix villa ready. Scrub and mop, clean the pool, and provision with the foods and beverages I love. Make sure there is plenty of charcoal too.

I'd enjoy Thanksgiving, football, and all the silly celebrations. Christmas would be warm and relaxing.

Janurary and February is a no brainer. Warm and lots of festivals. Great sun and swimming.

About now, I'd call my people back home and tell them to prep my home. Clean the yard, scrub the house, and provision it with all the things I love.

Then, and only then, after I experienced St Patrick's day on St Croix would I venture home to summer. Just in time for the Masters and Kentucky Derby.

If I were a rich man.



Unknown said...

I bet it could be done somehow.