Saturday, January 28, 2006 - Whew! 4:26 AM and I'm up. I not excited about vacation huh?

Two places I go get me this excited. One is St Croix in the winter. The other is Jekyll Island in the summer.

I love warm weather and the beach. I guess I'm not having a unique thought. That's why the coast is so damn crowded.

There is something magical about experiencing sumer weather in the winter. And the island culture down in St Croix is so darn charming.

This has been an unreal morning.

Our target time to leave was 9:00 AM. I always pad in at least a 30 minute “I'm running late and doing the best I can” excuse to any target time.

At 8:59 Gigi shows up, ready. Unbelievable.

Then the traffic at the airport was light and moving well. I pull into the long term lot and get the first parking space. Then we go through airport screening and whiz right through.

5:51 PM The Eagle has landed. It's cloudy and windy. Kind of humid. Well off to Schooner Bay and then Cheeseburgers