Tuesday, January 31, 2006 - Restaurant Review - Duggans

The main attraction Duggan's has going is the location. It's open air, ocean front restaurant with a breath taking view of Buck Island.

When ever I've been there the hostess makes you feel as welcome as herpes. No matter if you have a reservation or don't have a reservation she acts like you are some unwelcome in-laws. Last night was no exception.

I asked for a table for 6. She hissed, pursed her lips, looked us over, walked off, and then very angrily led us to our seat. The fun continued with the drink orders.

No wine list was offered. She angrily took the orders and screwed them up. She made it clear that we were an annoyance.

Things picked up when the waiter came over. He was friendly and fixed the drink order.

The food there is always fresh. It does have New England a heavy sauce and bread flair.

We had a seafood stew, in a bread bowl. It was delicious.

The salads were fresh and the dressings were wonderful. My Caesar was one of the best that I have ever had. It was as good as any Caesar that you would get in San Francisco.

Mid meal the wicked witch of the west scowled at our table. She clearly wanted us to hurry up and leave. This woman is mean as a two headed snake.

Food -
Hostess -


Ahhh.... just got a great massage.

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Now back up to the pool area.

Cousins Bill and DeeDee here again.....

Went to the pool this morning and swam a bit. The weather is gorgeous and the view is out of this world ! So many things to do here so many choices. Going to the beach this afternoon we think.

The weather today is summer like. Perfect.

Went over to the Divi and had a few adult beverages with Tom and Judy.