Sunday, January 29, 2006 - It's very windy. Today should clear up. Ahhh, no sooner did I type it and it did.

I appear to be suffering from the same afliction that cursed Joy Travis and I back in 2003.

Hey Ya'll....

I'm the cousin, DeeDee. :-) Fun, fun ! Beach in the winter ! We love it !

We have been reclining on the "very cool" veranda that over looks the golf course. The important part is the neat tree on the porch. All crooked and narly.....wish I could take it home to Alabama.

More later !

Cousin DeeDee

We are headed to the Marina for brunch, then off to the rain forest to catch some airborne disease.

The brunch at the Golden Rail Cafe beside the St Croix Marina was wonderful. I had a shrimp, swiss and spinach omelet, with wheat toast, oranges and hash browns. It was awesome.

The service was slow but they were very busy and very polite. You never felt neglected.

We sat in the open air. Actually it was the gravel parking lot under an umbrella. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Golden Rail Cafe

The ocean is vivid. A deep blue.

Whew! We are dragging butt.

We went to brunch at the St Ctoix Marina, then a ride to Cane Bay, then to the Carembola, then through the scenic route throught the rain forest, then a stop at the Sunset Grill for another Refreshment.

Gigi and Dee are cooking dinner while Bill and I unwind.

Bill here....

Life is good in St. Croix ! Beautiful mountains, sparkling clear water, and cool ocean breezes. It doesn't get much better than this.