Monday, January 30, 2006 - Oh man I sleep good here. Of course I was worn out from the Jeep ride yesterday. Gigi says she feels like she was beat up.

The way this villa is situated allows night breezes to flow right through the bedroom. It makes for great sleeping.

But then dumpster mon shows up at 5:30 AM making all that dumster noise. Why do dumpster people get up so early to dump dumpsters? No matter what city you are in the dumpster guy shows up at the crack of dawn. The dumpster guy must wake up at 4:00, have his breakfast, read the paper and start his dumpster work. Why can't he show up at 8 or 9 for work like everyone else?

The owner of this villa must be a professional knife thrower. Not only do they have a well stocked knife block, but there is a whole drawer half full of various cutlery all in peak condition.

Tghe Oh we had a nice morning in the sun by the pool.

I think we'll head to Christiansted for some shopping. I may try some adult beverages at the brew pub.

Yep....did the beverages and shopped. We are headed to Dugans for dinner for some local seafood.

DeeDee here....

The food at Dugans was excellent.....good food, good friends. Shopping in Christiansted was a Cruzan island hook bracelet. Folks in town are really nice and very helpful.

More later !