Alas, I am not a pleasure reader and yet, I have recently purchased three books.

Currently I am reading Shipwrecks Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic, Deco Divers, and The Encyclopedia of Scuba Diving.

When I read, I read in spurts during the day until I get the faint smell of electrical ozone…..then I know my brain has enough for now. I sip in the knowledge and digest it into wReggie wreasoning before I continue on.

I grasp the spoken word better, but for now, I must rely on that little man in my brain to read these books to me. 

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Ken said...

Alas, that type of reading material might never show up on cassette, but I bet there is many a book that would entertain you thoroughly in the those spurts, while listening to the spoken word on cassette.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

What is a cassette?

Ken said...

The inner guts of them make GREAT tell-tales for the shrouds of a sailboat. If you tie a length of it streaming from the shroud about 8'ish above the deck, you have a great visual of the true apparent wind angle, which of course helps greatly in determining your sail trim.