I am completely dysfunctional when it comes to knife sharpening. I hate that about me. 

Oh I have a little device that is almost wReggie proof that allows me to keeps a decent edge, but I would really like to be able to hone a knife. 

At least now I have come to terms with my disability and will not waste money on sharpening stones.

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Ken said...

I learned the basic stone scrape from my dad but it wasn't until hitchhiking that I met a guy in the Snake River Canyon who taught me the true form of honing a knife blade. Patience and good sunlight are important. As you sharpen the edge it will disappear. Even the most minute (.001") dull spot will show as a shiny spot when held in the light.

Unknown said...

I have been known to take my cutlery to the butcher in the supermarket where they sharpen the knives for free.

Because Ken will not come out and sharpen my knives.

terri said...

I must not use my knives often enough because I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've ever sharpened a knife. Maybe the hubby does it when I'm not looking. That would explain how I nearly took my thumb off with a bread knife recently while trying to slice a Ciabatta roll.

But most likely, our kitchen utensils are just seriously underused.