Got more stuff planted

Finally found some healthy rosemary to plant. This will be great on chicken. I have two more plants when I decide where to plant them.

The hanging baskets are up. Hopefully they will cascade soon.

I'm digging this palm. It is doing well.

The other end of the shelter mirrors the other arrangement.

Time to watch the Derby and a bad moon on he rise.


Ken said...

You got green growing going on by golly wReg...really nice, really nice yard!

So glad I got to visit this space before all this. I see it you grow. Love it!

Although the old Mic(that pain in the ass)says, "That poor, poor homeless mantle".

terri said...

We haven't planted anything just yet. The weather is too sketchy this time of year up here. But in a couple of weeks, we should be able to start planting and the yard will come to life again. Maybe not quite as nice as yours. You give me something to strive for!