Second Theatre of War

I spent my first day doing what I wanted to do. I walked the dogs, took a nap, cooked a little, and relaxed.

This is my birthday month and I will be 58 on June 20th.

It has been thirteen months since I discovered my lower back is worn down to the point I had surgery just to live a normal life. I am much more careful now and listen to the aches and pains.

Last week I was told by my doctor that my neck, well it too is on the verge of doing what my back did. The aches in my arm and shoulder down to my fingers was not muscular, or overdoing it. The nerves are bring pinched by the two bottom discs, bone spurs abound, and it is all attacking my left side. Medically, my shit is wearing out.

An MRI will pinpoint the problem and then an assessment can be made.


Rock Chef said...

Have a great birthday month - and I hope that you don't wear out too soon!

Ken said...

Maybe you should start wearing Teflon before wear out completely.