Meat Tweak

As I am aging, I find my hobbies are now more about good food and drink. As you know, I enjoy grilling and I am ramping up on low and slow cooking.

One of the issues with low and slow is temperature. You want a constant of 225 to 250 for long periods of time, up to 12 hours.

I own one of the finest smokers known to mankind and it does an astounding job at keeping a fairly constant temperature. But there are many variables to a smoke that can cause temperature fluctuations.

1. The amount of meat in the smoker.
2. Wind
3. Temperature
4. Fuel

Behold the temperature regulator.

This gadget got great reviews so I bought one. In theory, I can load the smoker in any condition, set the temperature with the assurance that it will hold 225 all night.

I'm excited.


Unknown said...

Does it come with side tanks?